‘Shadowhunters’ casts its Simon and Isabelle characters

Last night on social media, the Shadowhunters crew gave us clues as to who the newest additions to the cast would be. The clues: one male and one female, one of which would be a shadowhunter. My immediate guesses were Simon and Isabelle, and I was correct!

Alberto RosendeAlberto Rosende will portray Simon Lewis, Clary’s best friend. Similar to main character, Clary Fray, he also will be thrown into the demon world alongside her. Simon, a human (or mundane as they’re called), will sure have difficulty adjusting to this crazy new world. Not to mention that he totally has feelings for Clary, and she just doesn’t seem to be interested in him in “that” way (or even know about his feelings). Insert: Isabelle Lightwood.

She will be portrayed by: Emeraude Toubia. Isabelle Lightwood, the younger sibling to Alec Lightwood, is known as being the more rebellious of the bunch. She may be seen as “the beautiful one”, but that doesn’t stop her from kicking demons’ ass in heels. Also, we can probably expect several scenes between Simon and Isabelle; just saying.

Emeraude Toubia

Alberto’s previous credits have been Blue Bloods, and Emeraude’s Voltea Pa’Que Te Enamores. However, for both Rosende and Toubia, these could be considered their “breakthrough” roles.

Just as Dominic Sherwood partook in, the show’s Simon and Isabelle made short videos sharing the good news and their excitement for their new roles. They can be viewed here and here.

What do you think of the recent cast additions to the upcoming ABC Family TV series? Let us know in the comments.

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