iZombie, S1 E7- Maternity Liv

iZombie S1E7- "Maternity Liv"
iZombie S1E7- "Maternity Liv"

Liv: “Did you have a well balanced breakfast and lunch today?”
Clive: “What the-?!”

Liv’s maternal instincts are on full force throughout this episode. Why? Because she consumes a murdered (aren’t they all?) teenage girl’s brain that recently gave birth. So all those motherly motives that kick in immediately after having your first born, are all coursing through Liv’s body. Fixing that flyaway hair, wiping off food on your chin, worrying about Ravi’s health, etc. It’s an entertaining (and oddly relatable- I’m the ‘Mom’ in most of my friendships) sight.

The girl, Emily Sparrow, was found in the woods running and screaming, “Help us!” as she fell to the ground next to the group of drunk teens before her (because of course teens would be drinking beside a campfire in the woods. That’s how horror movies start, kiddos.). She was 8 months pregnant; fortunately the baby survived. The case of her murder becomes extremely complicated when they add in the fact that she has been missing for around 8 months. The father of her baby, Dylan Munson, is your typical “bad boy” and Emily was a goody two shoes. And why yes, Emily’s parents did not approve of Emily’s relationship with Dylan nor her announcement of her being pregnant.

iZombie S1E7- "Maternity Liv"

You can’t even tell that Lowell totally isn’t feeling the kiss in this photo. (Don’t worry, it’s the brain he ate)

I’ll continue to discuss “the case of the week” later on. Now, I’d like to mention what everyone and their zombie significant other have been talking about since this episode aired. Livwell. Liv and Lowell for those that don’t understand crazy internet slang. The last we saw of this zombie pairing, Liv struck up the courage and kissed Lowell. To quote Liv, “There were sparks.” But as Lowell is heading into the morgue to get tested by Ravi, he pretty much “friend zones” Liv (her word choice, not mine. Personally, I hate that word). No cute pet names, or flirty eye contact. Just casual “see you later”‘s and fist bumping.

While it was confusing as to why Lowell just suddenly wasn’t feeling it, it was hilarious to witness Liv’s eyes and posture act that of a puppy’s. She wants her boy toy back! She starts ranting all of her boy troubles to Ravi (whom I’ll add because it’s crucial to the end plot, is creating an experiment using rats and Utopium). Unfortunately Ravi is no help here. He explains that you can talk at length with him about zombie related things, but, “I can’t give you the Girlfriend Experience,” he mentions to Liv. “I don’t think that means what you think it means,” Liv replies. Gold, their comedy is pure gold. As the episode plays out and Livwell’s date approaches, Liv just plunges in and kisses Lowell. Immediately backing away, Liv thinks that Lowell and her are on “sibling status” (I just made that up. You’re so close you see each other’s as siblings). Nope, Lowell just ate a gay man’s brain, hence why he finds her icky right now. The date plays out as a drunken hangout. They drink as much as possible, dance as much as possible, show off awkward young photos of each other, and it’s the cutest zombie date I’ve ever seen. Once he’s feeling more hetero, Livwell will be alive and well.

iZombie S1E7- "Maternity Liv"

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. (Because there’s so much spicy food around them, and duh: Livwell)

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s get back to the case. Since she’s feeling attached to Emily’s baby, Liv visits him in the hospital as often as she can. This also happens to be where Liv’s Mom works, and it was nice to see their relationship grow and develop throughout this episode. You know who doesn’t visit Emily’s son: the father, Dylan. Emily’s parents are convinced that he’s responsible. After having a vision of Emily’s parents getting into a serious fight with Dylan and Emily, Liv thinks they’re to blame. I myself went that route as well. Once bringing this to Clive’s attention, Liv and Clive search the Sparrow’s cabin’s storm cellar to find a hand carved crib inside. “This is what Rumpelstiltskin carves for you after you promise him your firstborn,” Liv jokes. Nice Once Upon a Time reference for you fans of Iver’s previous role as Tinker Bell. The crib was in fact something that Mr. Sparrow whipped up. Neither the Sparrows nor Dylan are to blame for Emily’s death. A nearby animal control couple that follow a crazed cult-like religion are the culprits.

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