Orphan Black, S3 Ep 2, Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis

This week’s episode forces Sarah to decide between fight or flight, as the stakes continue to be raised in their struggle to learn more about the Castor clones.

Things are actually going well for her as the episode opens – Cal surprises her and Kira with the announcement that he’s bought a house, and they celebrate with some indoor hockey family bonding – but the fun times are cut short by a phone call from Art. The two suspects in his new case look identical to Prolethean Mark, and he’s hoping Sarah might have some answers. Realizing that scar-faced clone has escaped, Sarah goes to meet Art in person and see what he knows.

Orphan Black, S3 Ep2 - Cal buys a houseArt happens to be walking out the woman who was assaulted by the Castor clones, and Sarah adopts her Beth Childs persona to conduct a quick interview of her own. (You have to love how she pretends to ask Art for permission to talk to Patty, and then just walks past him in the middle of his objection.) It seems that the clones, Seth and Rudy, were after more than just some “fun” – they wrote down all of the Patty’s personal information in a small notebook, and also took a strand of her hair. Art also reluctantly shares that the two men both had matching tattoos on their left forearms.

Sarah calls Cosima (whose recovery is going surprisingly, unexplainably, well) to share information and updates, and Cosima suggests that Sarah asks Mrs. S to get in touch with Paul. “They’re the bloody problem,” Sarah argues, but Cosima points out that makes them their best lead.

Also – earlier Cosima and Scott had gone to see Dr. Nealon, whom Delphine left in charge while she’s gone. Through the course of the conversation, we learn that the original identities of both the Leda clones and the Castor clones has been lost. It seems like we’ll be seeing a lot of Cosima and Scott working together this season – especially since he’s the only one she’s told about Duncan’s book – and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. Not that I really have anything against Scott, but I’m not currently thrilled at the thought of seeing a lot more of him.

(Of course, back in season one I never thought I’d be actively looking forward to scenes with Donnie, so anything can happen!)

Orphan Black, S3 Ep2 - Alison at the soccer fieldSpeaking of Team Hendrix (who are kind of adorable in their matching purple), Alison is still set on running for School Trustee, despite Donnie’s protests that they can’t afford a campaign right now. He tells her they might even have to sell the house, which she quickly shuts down by asking bringing up the little issue of the corpse they’ve buried in the garage: “Are we gonna give it to the next family, or do we take it with us?” But a possible solution to their problems arises when Alison finds out that Ramon, who supplies the soccer moms with their pills, is closing shop and heading off to college.

The Hendrixes make Ramon an offer to buy his business, and it turns out that Alison’s motivations are more than just financial. “I have just found my voter base,” she tells Donnie, referring to Ramon’s list of clients, “And I suspect they will be very loyal supporters, don’t you?” Blackmail, Alison? I can’t see this ending well, but I’m looking forward to the ride. Even with Alison and Donnie completely removed from the clone drama this week, their scenes were among my favorites of the episode.

When Sarah gives in and asks Mrs. S to contact Paul, S. says Paul has gone dark and she has no way to reach him. Before Sarah can leave, Mrs. S gives her a bit of advice: Run. “You don’t fight in these conditions,” she tells Sarah. “You run. I know. I’ve been there before.”

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