Castle S7 Ep21 – In Plane Sight

Well, this was a fun, tautly-written episode – much more actual tension and mystery than last week, IMO.

It's just a little turbulence.

The Castles confer with Beckett via the miracle of modern technology.

This week, Rick and Alexis are on the way to London for a father-daughter weekend, at 39,000 feet, when Rick learns from the flight attendants that Air Marshal Ford is missing. (And you know what, I’m guessing Marshal Ford is named after a certain Harrison.) As the only remaining person on the plane who has any law enforcement experience, Castle is asked by the captain – a fan – to help with their investigation. A search through the cargo hold reveals the marshal’s body in a large suitcase. Then Alexis persuades her father to let her do a cursory external examination of the body, under Lanie’s remote guidance. They find that he’s been killed by a single blow to the head, by someone who’s left-handed. Nice bit of continuity to have Alexis’s internship with Lanie put to good use.

Castle isn’t sure he’s going to be able to solve this crime without Beckett there – but he’s motivated by the desire to protect Alexis and the others on the plane. He’s also encouraged by his calls to Beckett, who says she knows he can do it. Aw. Those guys.

So the first suspect is a guy who looks nervous in the background of a cute couple’s honeymoon trip video. The marshal was watching him, apparently. But it turns out that, although he’s Syrian and on the no-fly list, he’s not the killer. He just stole a passport so he could try to get back to Syria before his mother dies of cancer. However, Castle getting the flight attendant to take his cup so he could get the fingerprints using graphite powder was pretty cool.

Improperly packed baggage

Um, I think this is more than the allowed luggage weight. Sorry, dude.

The second suspect, who they find by discovering she’s left-handed and tracking the burner phone used to contact the marshal, is also not guilty. She was only following the marshal because he was her boyfriend and she thought he was having an affair.

In the end, it was a little telegraphed that the one flight attendant, Debbie, who seemed so cool and level-headed, was involved. She’s the mastermind behind the whole thing, in fact. All she wanted was to steal a valuable watch being transported by an auction house’s courier so that she could have some money to replace the retirement pension that Oceanic Air (I’m sure you all got the Lost reference, right?) “restructured” away. But the marshal, who had been hired by the auction house to guard the watch, found out and tried to stop her. Too bad. I liked her.

At the climactic scene, when Debbie pulls the marshal’s gun in desperation, it’s Alexis who talks her down. Alexis is magnificent this whole episode, in fact: reassuring her dad when there’s turbulence, reminding him he might need some new material at events where he speaks, and assisting him very ably during the investigation. (Also, less importantly, her hair is gorgeous.) If I were Beckett, I would be very glad Alexis was on the flight with Castle. I know Castle was, even with the danger she was in.

So, two more episodes left until the season/possible series finale. What do you want to see happen before the end?