Arrow, S3 Ep20 – The Fallen

Last week’s episode of Arrow, entitled “Broken Arrow”, gruesomely concluded with Thea getting stabbed by the villainous Ra’s al Ghul. This was one final attempt by Ra’s to sway Ollie into becoming his heir. While that ending was upsetting to watch and nearly fridged yet another one of Arrow‘s leading female characters, in “The Fallen” Ollie is almost immediately given the opportunity to bring his sister back using the healing powers of Ra’s al Ghul’s Lazarus Pit. The cost of this gift is immense, as Ollie would now have to truly become the Heir to the Demon in exchange for his sister’s life.

Arrow, S3 Ep20 - The Fallen (5)

Ollie returns to Nanda Parbat

Honestly, the idea that Ra’s wants Ollie as his heir is still silly to me. I understand Ollie survived getting stabbed and falling off a cliff, but it wasn’t without the help of the Yamashiros. If Ra’s found this out I’m sure his daughter Nyssa would still be in line to take his place as she has always been. But now it’s really happening. In order to save his sister’s life, Ollie must agree to become the next Ra’s al Ghul.

As the plot in “The Fallen” unfolds we begin to learn more about how the Lazarus Pit works and what it does when it resurrects someone. Malcolm Merlyn warns Ollie that while the pit will save Thea’s life, she will not be the same person she once was. Other than seeing Thea jump out of the pit and hiss at her brother, the only thing the pit does to her is make her lose her memory, but even that seems to return later in the episode. If Merlyn is indeed right about what the pit does, than maybe we’ll see more side affects occur later down the line.

Although Thea was saved and Ollie was beginning to acclimate to the idea of remaining in Nanda Parbat with the rest of The League of Assassins, Felicity wasn’t having it. She already made her peace with Ray as the two of them seemed to mutually end their relationship, so she wasn’t about to lose Ollie. After a slightly risqué sex scene between Ollie and Felicity, Felicity drugs Ollie in attempt to free him from Nanda Parbat. With the help of Diggle, Merlyn, and even Maseo, this almost happens.

I always like seeing when other characters take the control from Ollie and try to figure out the situation without his help, even if their solution involves drugging him. I especially loved seeing Felicity stand up to Ra’s beforehand. That being said, Felicity’s plan didn’t work out so well, as the team ended up getting cornered by The League in the catacombs of Ra’s al Ghul’s castle. Fortunately Ollie woke up during this confrontation and was able to prevent The League from killing his friends as he confirmed his allegiance to them, stating his new role as Heir to the Demon.

The episode concluded with Team Arrow leaving Ollie behind in Nanda Parbat as Ollie took his place by Ra’s al Ghul’s side. Thea is now under Merlyn’s care, which I don’t think I’ll ever agree with. I know Merlyn is trying his best to be a good father to her now, but his horrible behavior in the past is just unforgivable. At least Thea is aware of this. Felicity becomes appropriately sad about losing Ollie to The League, and it was nice seeing Laurel there for her as Felicity falls apart. Although it’s somewhat tragic that Ollie is now devoted to The League, those final shots of him putting on his new League attire were pretty cool.

Arrow, S3 Ep20 - The Fallen (2)

Felicity stands up to Ra’s

Overall, there wasn’t much I didn’t like about “The Fallen”. Even the flashback scenes, which saw Ollie team up with the Yamashiros in order to retrieve a stolen bio-weapon, were pretty action packed and entertaining. Also, we finally have confirmation that the son of the Yamashiros died somehow in Hong Kong, leading Maseo into joining The League. The way the flashback scenes have been going, it’s been pretty obvious that the Yamashiro’s son died sometime in Hong Kong. Although, I’m still left wondering how much more there actually is to Maseo’s decision to join The League. What exactly would Ra’s have told him after his son died that would have made Maseo turn?

Though I can’t say I hated it, seeing Felicity finally go the extra mile with Ollie felt unwelcome. I really did like her and Ray together and seeing them apart now is a bit sad. Although, they probably can’t be together once Ray goes to his spin-off series anyway. So, Olicity fans, rejoice!

In next week’s episode it seems Ollie will go through some drastic changes that may lead to a confrontation with Diggle. Also, Black Canary tests out her new “Canary Cry” introduced in this week’s episode of The Flash. Check out the promo for “Al Sah-Him” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “The Fallen” in the comments.

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