iZombie, S1 E6- Virtual Reality Bites

iZombie S1E6- "Virtual Reality Bites"

It’s the gamer’s life for Liv Moore in this episode, 1.06: “Virtual Reality Bites”. Also two words, “rotten brain”.

Prior to the episode, this photo was released to the public. Yeah, makes it think that Major is going to die or turn into a zombie (that last part could happen; I have a feeling). But rest assured, at the start of the episode (after a brief dramatic pause) we find that minus needing stitches, Major’s totally fine. Phew, thank goodness. Liv manages to stitch him up after Ravi fails to do so without making him look like Frankenstein. I’d also like to mention that Major adorably called Liv his buddy and doesn’t care who that hot musician was he saw her speaking to the other night.

Meanwhile, Blaine’s brain delivery service isn’t doing too grand. Blaine’s lady friend, Jackie, gets a bit impatient and instead of waiting for more brain to be redelivered after a mistake, she kills the poor delivery boy. ‘Cause logic.

iZombie S1E6- "Virtual Reality Bites"

Caution: Un-Dead Girl Walking

Liv, Ravi, and Clive are then rushed to a crime scene where we meet Simon Cutler, also known as: brain of the week. Poor guy was found on the stairs rotting away for at least a week. As they’re bringing out the body, it’s clear that Cutler is a rather hated individual. That would be an understatement. He is known as the most hated man on the internet, the SIM Reaper. However, that’s not Liv’s big dilemma. Once Clive’s made it clear that the legendary SIM reaper could have been murdered, Liv knows she has to somehow eat (drink more like it) the dreaded rotting brain. “Son of a bitch,” she yells loudly. Thanks to a blended brain drink (sounds delicious), Liv’s scored sick hacking abilities, the love of donuts, and unfortunately, the fear of leaving her house.

Courtesy of a vision and Clive’s detective skills (look at them working as a team), they have found the murder weapon. A birthday card for Simon Cutler. The major clues: his birthday isn’t for another four months, and it once contained a confetti bombed coated in peanut powder/oil, which Cutler was highly allergic to. Only problem is: how do you find the killer of a man that everyone wanted dead anyway? Investigate their interests.

iZombie S1E6- "Virtual Reality Bites"

Ravi Chakrabarti. Medical Examiner by day, Were-Terrier on an RPG by night.

With help from Ravi and the SIM reaper’s laptop, Liv is able to play a wildly popular RPG game in iZombie World to try and gather up a particular enemy. Besides meeting the big bad boss of the game, who turns out to be a 14 year old New Yorker, they come up empty handed. Fun tidbit I loved about the game: Ravi’s avatar being a were-terrier. Nice nod to the comic books.

For this particular case/episode, the murderer actually has a solid and sympathetic argument for killing the SIM reaper. Years prior, using his SIM reaper powers, Cutler was obscenely rude to a customer service clerk over the phone. The clerk she shared the video to countless people online, so the SIMM reaper went to work hacking into every online account she had and ultimately ruining her life. The torment had such an impact on her, she unfortunately took her own life. That’s where the culprit comes in. The customer service clerk was his sister. So he, Sean Posie, enacted a revenge plan. In Posie’s eyes, going to jail for the rest of his life was worth killing that horrible man.

The secondary plots within this episode were of Major trying to find out more information from his missing kids from work (which he manages to, along with a photo of Blaine!), and a certain British zombie returning again. Lowell!

iZombie S1E6- "Virtual Reality Bites"

Never will I ever, eat a rotting brain ever again.

Just as Liv is about to head out on her first ever date since Major, she realizes that because of the brain, she can’t leave the house. At first she makes up some lame excuse about getting sick to Lowell over the phone, then realizes – oh yeah, he’s a zombie. A simple, “this zombie brain’s got me messed up” excuse is said and that’s that. Or so she thinks. Lowell unexpectedly shows up at her doorstep and the two get to know one another quite well. I admired the spontaneous get-together from the two. Before Liv’s original first date with Lowell, she tried too hard to act perfect (perfecting her outfit and overall nerves). This time around, since there was little to no notice of Lowell’s arrival, Liv just stayed in her comfy pajamas with the apartment looking like a mess. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a woman on television (or in real life) not care how she looks 24/7. Liv didn’t run into her room to get changed into something cuter, nor did she rummage around to make the apartment cleaner. Keep this up, iZombie. Continue to display Liv as the confident female she currently is. The impromptu date consists of the two explaining their zombie origin stories. Lowell became a zombie from a scratch. Unfortunately, Lowell leaves abruptly. Can you blame him? He leaned in for a kiss and came up with nothing. (The strong female she is, Liv gets her hot zombie in the end).

“Virtual Reality Bites” ends on a cliffhanger of sorts. Liv’s Mom enters Blaine’s store, Meat Cute (named after the TV Trope perhaps?) buying food and comes across the “delivery boy wanted” sign. Mrs. Moore thinks her 16 year old son would be perfect for the job, she says to Blaine. I’m yelling at my TV, “Evan, start running!”

What did you guys think of 1.06: “Virtual Reality Bites”? After finally viewing this episode, I can see why it seems to be a second favorite to most of the cast of iZombie, next to 1.12.

Next episode, 1.07: “Maternity Liv” airs Tuesday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

Looks like Major might be finding out about zombies sometime soon. Well, he’s in for a surprise. His ex-fiance’s one of them.