The Flash, S1 Ep19 – Who Is Harrison Wells?

Since the pilot episode of The Flash there has been nothing but mystery surrounding Dr. Harrison Wells. It wasn’t until the episode “Tricksters” that it was revealed that Wells is not Wells at all, but Eobard Thawne, a speedster from the future. While we as an audience know the truth behind that fateful night when Thawne killed Wells and took over his life, Team Flash is still on their way to discovering the truth themselves.

In order to delve deeper into this mystery, Cisco and Detective West head to Starling City to investigate the original crime scene where Harrison Wells had his car accident resulting in the death of his wife. In last week’s episode, “All Star Team Up”, Dr. Tina McGee (Amanda Pays) informed Barry that Wells became a completely different person after that traumatic experience, which we know is exactly what happened. While Cisco and West’s visit to Starling City progressed their investigations of Wells further, it also allowed certain characters from Arrow to guest star and share some screen time.

West and Cisco team up with Captain Lance.

West and Cisco team up with Captain Lance.

It was nice seeing Detective West and Arrow‘s Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) team up on this investigation, as both of them are in contrasting situations on their respective series. Currently Captain Lance is upset with his daughter Laurel (Katie Cassidy) as she lied to him for so long about the death of her sister, Sara. On the other hand, Detective West is currently lying to his own daughter about what he knows about The Flash in order to (in his opinion) protect her. It would be interesting to see the words West shared with Lance take effect on Lance’s character, as this Arrow development would have come out of Arrow‘s sister show. Also, seeing how much lying has affected the Lances should hopefully teach Detective West a lesson that lying to his daughter is wrong.

What was really great about this visit to Starling City was the interaction between Cisco and Laurel, a.k.a. The Black Canary. Their meet-up  was very clever and humorous at times, and gave us something to look forward to in upcoming episodes of Arrow. While the “Canary Cry” Cisco creates for Laurel still doesn’t exactly represent the powers Black Canary has in the comics, the collar aspect of her costume is a step closer in that direction. What made their interaction really worth watching was Cisco fanboying over meeting yet another superhero. They even took a very comic book convention-esq photo together as a memento.

The main plot of “Who is Harrison Wells?”, involving a shape-shifting meta-human by the name of Hannibal Bates, a.k.a. Everyman, makes the idea that the current Harrison Wells isn’t the real Harrison Wells easier to swallow. Bates is able to take on the physical appearance of any person he touches, which eventually lands Eddie Thawne into some hot water as Eddie is framed for shooting to police officers. I thought this plot was well put together and the science fiction cliché of shape-shifters was a welcome addition to the series. What bothered me most about this plot was Barry falling for the Bates pretending to be Eddie, when Eddie was clearly not going to be released after being detained.

Caitlin, while she may have nearly fallen for Bates’ tricks as he posed as Barry, clearly wasn’t believing it once he made the moves on her – something Barry would probably never do. Still, it was Wells who took him down with a taser in S.T.A.R. Labs, leading to Caitlin and Iris attempting to bring him in. Honestly, they should have saw that next trick coming – changing into a little girl so any passsers-bye could assist in his escape. S.T.A.R. Labs has a van. They should of probably used that to transport him.

Team Flash finds the real Dr. Wells

Team Flash finds the real Dr. Wells

Eventually Team Flash is able to track down Bates and Flash is able to take him in. Their climatic fight scene was enjoyable to watch as Bates transformed into multiple people in Barry’s life including Caitlin, Iris, and Eddie. After taking him down, video footage of The Flash beating up on this shape-shifter helps in exonerating Eddie and all the people Bates had impersonated. It also aided in opening the CCPD’s eyes in realizing that there are more meta-humans out there with unbelievable powers.

The episode wrapped up nicely as Team Flash comes to the conclusion that Harrison Wells isn’t Harrison Wells, because West and Cisco found the corpse of the real one buried in Starling City. Even Caitlin, who has been skeptical of Barry’s accusations, may even start to believe, especially since the stinger scene in “Who is Harrison Wells?” sees her, Barry, and Cisco uncover Wells’ secret room. Now the truth is really out. What will the three of them learn from this discovery? How much about the future will they find out?

“Who is Harrison Wells?” was a very good episode. My only complaints would be I’m still annoyed that Detective West won’t tell Iris the truth, and seeing Barry fall for such an obvious trick was just silly. Even so, Hannibal Bates proved to be a formidable opponent for the most part, which I appreciated. I also enjoyed seeing Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy guest star and hope that the events that occurred in this episode help change their situation on Arrow for the better.

With only four episode left in the season, I’m sure we’ll soon see some major changes heading to the series. We can only imagine what consequences or repercussions are in store as Harrison Wells’ secret is now out in the open. Next week’s episode will see Team Flash attempt to set a trap for Harrison Wells, a.k.a. Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. the Reverse-Flash. Check out The CW’s official promo for “The Trap” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Who is Harrison Wells?” in the comments.

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