Broadchurch – Season 2, Episode 8


The finale of Broadchurch devastated viewers as bombshells were dropped and two cases came to a resolution. Even if it wasn’t one that anyone would have wanted. From the moment this episode started, events were happening at a quick pace. Seconds after the verdict was read regarding Danny’s murder Hardy was back onto the Sandbrook investigation, arresting Claire and going in search of Miller.

At this point, Miller might be the only one who truly sees Hardy for who he is, calling him emotionally wound up as he vows to do whatever he has to in order to bring Pippa’s murderer to justice. Hardy knows the anger she is experiencing and uses it to his advantage, begging her to channel it toward the solution of the Sandbrook case. It appears these two, although so different last season, have come full circle and are the only ones who truly understand one another.

As the clock ticks down, the truth over what happened that fateful night finally is revealed. At least the reason why everyone kept acting so damn guilty comes out. No one is innocent with this case. This whole time Lee was running around acting guilty when he himself was just waiting for the day he could breathe again, for the day that the secret held over his head would be gone. And finally it is.

All the puzzle pieces came together creating quite a picture, as Ricky turns out to be the guilty party. This confession breaks Hardy as he admits he almost died over not being able to solve it for Ricky. When the whole time Ricky knew what happened to his own daughter. Hardy’s judgement was flawed because all he could see was his own daughter, picturing how that could have easily been him in Ricky’s place.


The most shattering scene came as Hardy breaks down in tears coming to the conclusion that the case is truly over. That his penance is done and there is nothing left to drive him. The case that took everything from him — his wife, his daughter, his home — is finished. At last. He even takes on a characteristic more like Ellie would, thinking about all the lives ruined by this case and where they go from here. Then, with a handshake from Ellie, Hardy sets off to be closer to his daughter. Clearly back to his old self, he fixes his hair, straightens his suit, and adjusts his tie before leaving Broadchurch.

Meanwhile, faced with the reality that there is no chance for a retrial, the Latimer family opts to take justice into their own hands. Joe is at least smart enough to realize he has no one as the world he imagined he would have waiting for him crashes down. Brought face to face with Beth and Ellie, he is faced with the reality of how unimportant he really is. Delivering an emotional scene, Jodie Whittaker takes a stand as Beth, telling Joe no one will mourn for him, that they could kill him and no one would care nor notice, but that they won’t do that because they are better people. Instead, Beth vows to move on, live her life despite what he did to it.

Ellie stands strong by her side, telling Joe to shut up and rebuking his apology telling Joe he can’t truly be sorry. For if he was, Joe would have pled guilty. Then Ellie threatens Joe, telling him that if he ever comes near their children she will murder him, and have the balls to face the consequences for her actions, unlike him.

The serene cliffs watched on as this small community was ripped apart over the last year. They stood by as Danny’s body was laid to rest and as the town began to combust under pressure through the trial of Danny’s murder. Now, they stand there proud and accomplished as the town reunites to banish Joe and create a new life after such a tragic obstacle tried to ruin them. The serenity of the ever changing tides also brings the rebirth of a town and the eager anticipation of a new season.

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