Dominic Sherwood cast as Jace in ‘Shadowhunters’ TV Series

A little under a month ago, ABC Family announced their involvement in bringing Cassandra Clare’s book series, The Mortal Instruments to our TV screens. Now on Monday, April 20th, the first casting news has been revealed.

Dominic SherwoodOn Monday, on various social media presences the hash-tag: #WhoIsJace trended, revealing to fans that soon they would find out who the snarky shadowhunter would be. It wasn’t long before they got their answer. Jace Wayland will be portrayed by: Dominic Sherwood.

For Sherwood (who is British for those wondering ;)), this isn’t the first time he’ll be playing a beloved character from a popular YA book series. He was featured in last year’s Vampire Academy as Christian Ozera, which is based off of Richelle Mead’s book series of the same name.  You also may have seen him in Taylor Swift’s most recent music video, “Style”.

Production on Shadowhunters will begin in early May, with McG (The O.C. and Supernatural) as producer and director of the pilot. Airing of the show should be in early 2016.

What do you guys think of Dominic Sherwood as Jace? Were you hoping for a different actor? Or do you still only see Jamie Campbell Bower in the role?

One awesome thing about Sherwood that I’d like to mention is that he has heterochromia: one blue eye and one brown (which is beautifully shown in the “Style” music video). I’m curious to see if this will be brought to anyone’s attention on the show, or if he’ll wear gold color contacts like the book series states.

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