Castle S7 Ep20 – Sleeper

It was a dark and stormy night here when I watched this episode, which was appropriate as we finally return to the mystery of Castle’s missing two months. Castle’s been having a recurring dream about his missing time, every night for a week. So a worried Beckett suggests he go to see Dr. Worf Burke to see if he can find out what parts of the dream might be real memories and what might not be.

You are getting sleepy...

Dr. Worf helps Castle discover what might be real and what might be not so much (Chuck Norris?) in his dream.

By far the most fun moment of the night for me, my sister, and our friend watching with us was when Dr. Burke helped Castle remember moments from the dream, and he focused on the license plate. We immediately recognized the Thai letters, and the name of the province on the plate, since we all happen to live in Thailand, have studied the language, and have even lived in Chiang Mai. Hence our corporate disdain when Castle thought they were Arabic letters at first. But oh, well. Not everyone is familiar with the Thai language and Chiang Mai in particular, I guess.

So anyway, after Castle gets a little fixated on Thailand, a guy from his dream who looked like Chuck Norris, a guy who got shot in the back of the truck, and a blond gunman, also all from his dream, Kate & co. start to get worried about him. But then the Chuck Norris lookalike, Jeff Powers, turns up dead in his apartment. And now they have a real murder to investigate – a murder that Castle’s memories might help solve.

Castle eventually figures out, with more help from Dr. Burke, that the initial trigger for the dreams was seeing the blonde gunman in the background of a local news broadcast. He turns out to be a wanted Russian hitman. Then Castle, like an idiot, goes to a cafe that Jeff Powers used to frequent, without telling Beckett or bringing anyone with him. I really expected him to end up at gunpoint a lot sooner than he did. But instead, what happens is he runs into an old classmate of his from Pakistan. A classmate he doesn’t remember, because “they” erased his memories and replaced them with new ones. But before his old classmate vanishes into a black SUV in a dark alley, he does tell Rick that Rick helped him turn himself in to the CIA in Thailand. See, he used to work for Al-Qaeda but decided he wasn’t into that anymore.

Also you should go to Chiang Mai city.

Just in case you ever see symbols like these in your dreams, they’re Thai, not Arabic.

Then, just before the Russian hitman shoots Castle in the alley, Henry Jenkins shows up, kills the hitman, and drops a few more answers on Castle. He had to miss his wedding because his former classmate had time-sensitive information about a planned Al-Qaeda hit on American soil. So even though he missed his wedding, he did help save thousands of lives.

So I dunno. I feel kind of like this was a, “Oh, you need some answers before the end of the season (or the show, depending on things)? Here you go!” kind of episode. Not as excellent as it could have been, but fine. Glad we have some of the mystery solved, and glad that Rick told Beckett all of what he knew, and told Martha and Alexis most of it. But since the season is supposedly going to end on a cliffhanger, I guess there’s more mystery/danger to come.

What did you think of the episode? Did it answer enough of your questions, or were you left unsatisfied?