Reign, S2 E18- Reversal of Fortune

Reign S2E18- "Reversal of Fortune"

After a brief hiatus, Reign is back on our TV screens to finish its season two run.

Last we left French court, Francis took unexpectedly ill and Mary found out about Condé’s marriage proposal to Queen Elizabeth. But now with Francis unconscious (if you want to play the ‘blame game’ that goes to Bash), things are bound to get more complicated for Mary with this sudden news.

As you guys know, these past handful of Reign episodes have been quite difficult for me to watch. Reason: Mary and Condé’s romance. But judging from this episode, it appears that Mary has realized what is best for her and the kingdom in the long run, versus in the present. Not everything is romantic getaways with your “other man” and for you to completely forget about most of your royal duties.

Reign S2E18- "Reversal of Fortune"

Catherine just called you out for your recent neglect of Francis. What do you have to say about that, Mary? (Don’t say Conde.)

The title, “Reversal of Fortune”, is a perfect fit for the goings on in this episode. Once Mary has endured enough yelling and bickering from Catherine about not paying enough attention to Francis, Mary knows she has to take on the tasks of the King until Francis is conscious. This proves to be a bit easier said than done, with people constantly asking for the King’s whereabouts. Your excuses are only going to last so long. Not to mention that the castle is only so big. Personally, I was very surprised with how quickly Mary stepped back into her royal duties. It seemed that most recently all she cared about was her affair with Condé and how to get out of France. I slowly see the old Mary shining through and I love it. How do you guys think Mary did with her duties as King?

We were also given two main side plots of Mary’s friends throughout this episode. Kenna goes on a mission to find Bash (and people were worried that Kennash was no more), where meanwhile Bash awakens from his miraculous recovery (thanks witch/fake nun!) at the fake nun’s home. Sometimes minor story-lines in TV shows have nothing to do with the overall main plot, but what I’ve always loved with Reign is they always find a smart, cohesive way to incorporate a good 2-4 small story-lines/plots in the midst of the main plot. Since so much happens in these episodes, I usually either forget to include certain things or it’s just a word count issue. Let me know if there are any plots or characters besides the main that you want me to mention more or discuss my thoughts on, etc. (ex: Claude, Catherine, Lola, etc.)

Reign S2E18- "Reversal of Fortune"

From ‘curing’ Francis’ illness, to being there for his brother through anything: Bash wins this episode.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that Francis wakes up in the end of the episode. That part wouldn’t be shocking to even someone that’s just turning into this show for the first time. What I was surprised with was how Francis woke up. The doctors may have said that he had a severe fever and ear infection, but Bash knew the truth. Because the fake nun/witch spared Bash’s life, a price was made. That price was Francis. Bash manages to counteract the illness by finding a loophole. Well more like, Bash comes across a familiar face: Catherine’s daughter, Clarissa. He may have spared her life from being hanged and tortured by the townsfolk Bash witnessed before her, but he ended up poisoning her to save Francis life. Since Clarissa was the first born, whatever illness Francis had vanishes out of thin air. Try explaining this peculiar work of magic to the doctors, guys. What did you guys think of Clarissa’s return? I had no idea that she was even still alive, since I believe her last appearance was in early Season 1. To be frank, I would have adored seeing Clarissa’s screen time increase. She could have gone back to French court and maybe miraculously found a cure for her appearance (not that she needs it, I still found her adorable in her own quirky/bizarre way); so much potential. Alas, her death had to be done for Francis’ sake, so I can’t be too annoyed.

Lastly featured in this episode is Mary explaining to Condé her doubts of leaving France and being in a relationship with him at all. Well, that’s what I got out of their conversation. Condé immediately states that he sacrificed so much to be with her. Clearly, Louis doesn’t understand the fact that Mary practically witnessed her life flash before her eyes without her husband and King, Francis, at her side. Traumatic events like that really shake people up and open their eyes to what they were doing wrong. All Mary did was realize that she needs to stay closer to France and tend to Francis from time to time. Do I think Mary is going to jump into Francis’ arms and fall madly in love with him again? Absolutely not. If they do form a romantic relationship again, it’s bound to be gradual. I’m just glad that Mary realized that she’s slightly been in the wrong.

What did you guys think of 2.18: “Reversal of Fortune”?

Only four more episodes left this season. The next episode, 2.19: “Abandoned” airs Thursday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

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