Broadchurch – Season 2, Episode 7

Not only did this week’s episode of Broadchurch lead to relief for its viewers, but it left the audience shocked and wishing it was next Wednesday already. The biggest relief of the episode was the revelation that Hardy did not sleep with Claire. Thank the heavens! Our good ole boy, although flawed, isn’t so idiotic as to sleep with a potential suspect. There was no greater reprieve than when Hardy’s flashback proved to be in a hospital rather than in a bed beside Claire.

Hardy is back and fresh as ever after his surgery and recovery. Proclaiming himself reborn couldn’t be a truer statement for Hardy. With the Sandbrook investigation officially reopened, he couldn’t be more in his element. The Hardy we came to love in the first season runs around setting fire to Lee by confessing that Claire was pregnant, looking into pieces they missed during the last investigation, and calling Miller on her mistake of giving money to her sister without telling anyone.

Speaking of Hardy’s short lived recovery time at home, praise the costume department for this episode. If nothing else those pajamas were worth every penny of that thin cotton fabric. Rejoicing screams could be heard from households across America as Hardy got out of bed and stumbled into his living room, met by Tess and Ellie already working hard on the case.


After that mini side track, let’s get back to the case at hand. Claire’s behavior this episode just continues to decline as she runs around acting like some hobo, living in self-pity because she’s burned all her bridges. Oh poor Claire. Not! No one is forcing her to lie. She made a bed, now she has to lie in it. Let’s see, Pippa had her pendant, the one that Claire stole from Tess’ car, and has been calling Ricky secretly.

Granted, no one deserves to be almost drowned by their husband, but it sure was one way to bring a relationship to an end.  Lee sure does have a way of overreacting. However, with Claire maybe Lee knows that he has to be threatening to get the actual truth out of her. One thing is for certain: there is more to this story. What secrets are they worried about the other keeping now that they’re over?

Everything came down to a head as the prosecution and defense gave their closing arguments, with the prosecution highlighting that Joe never took the stand to prove his innocence. The defense ends their case equally strong, proposing that Mark was the one to kill Danny in order to prevent Beth from knowing about his sexual liaison. Certainly, everything comes down to the verdict that the jury has reached. Too bad we’ll have to wait until next week to find out their decision.

What do you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Joe will be convicted of Danny’s murder, or was enough evidence given to produce reasonable doubt? Is Lisa Newberry dead? And who killed Pippa? Tell us your suspicions in the comments below and don’t forget to tune into next week’s finale.