WonderCon 2015: Interviews with the Cast and Crew of ‘iZombie’

Several celebrities and shows attended this year’s Wondercon in Anaheim, California. Shows like Orphan Black, The Flash, and of course iZombie were all in attendance.

We got a chance to sit down with the cast and executive producers of CW’s newest (and brain-tastic) show, iZombie.

Each cast member or producer spilled what’s coming up next on the show (like Bradley James for all you Merlin fans), what’s it like being a brain craving zombie, and of course Veronica Mars was mentioned.

Executive Producer, Diane Ruggiero-Wright:

Diane seems like she’s in heaven on this show. As she stated loving the science fiction genre, this show just seems perfect for her. In the interview, she spills on her favorite episode she wrote (1.12), an upcoming brain craze for Liv she can’t wait for, and talks about working with Rob Thomas and why they work oh so well together.

Executive Producer, Rob Thomas:

Anyone upset that iZombie won’t feature the comic’s many other supernatural creatures? Rob Thomas explains his reasons on why they aren’t present in the TV adaptation. He wants the show to be more about “the one zombie you like in it”, versus creating an entire monster universe. Well, I adore Liv, so you succeeded, Rob! For those that love the opening credits/scenes as much as I do, Rob Thomas goes into depth about how that came to be. It’s the show’s way of appreciating the source material. And I’m glad I’m not alone in drooling over a good opening credits/theme song!

Robert Buckley (Major Lilywhite):

For those that aren’t particularly sold on Major’s character yet, like me, this interview will change your opinion for sure. Hearing Buckley’s viewpoints of Major’s thinking allows us to see his side of things. Prior to Liv’s zombie-ism, Liv and Major were dating for 8 years and suddenly that’s completely gone. Do you hear Major complaining about it? Nope. Major’s “perfect personality” is also questioned, which Robert completely throws out the window; perfection is boring. Come the end of the season, we will gradually see a different side to him and I can’t wait. Bring on the character development!

Rahul Kohli (Ravi Chakrabarti):

In his interview, Rahul explains what type of research and prep he did in getting into his character, his favorite upcoming episode (the gamer brain episode), and the recent Rajor (Ravi and Major) bromance that’s been brewing.

David Anders (Blaine DeBeers):

CW vet (The Vampire Diaries and Arrow) David Anders explains Blaine’s rather villainous behavior on the show. He also brings to the table (pun not intended) that zombie-ism isn’t created just one way. Someone can become a zombie via sex (“sexually transmitted zombie-ism” Anders jokes), a scratch, or ways that haven’t even been explained on the show yet. Anyone have any other ideas for ways in which one might become a zombie? Could drinking from the same cup as a zombie turn you into one? Or just a simple kiss? The possibilities are endless! David also answers an extremely interesting question we asked him: will we see visions from Blaine and/or his new found abilities from the many different brains he consumes? Even though he loves the idea, he isn’t quite sure when that’s going to be. “Season 2,” he mentions. Please let this happen!

Rose McIver (Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore):

Our leading zombie lady herself, Rose McIver, teased a few of the brains she would consume in future episodes: a video gamer (as just about every person mentioned already. This episode’s going to be fantastic, I can tell!), a cheerleader, and a stoner in a single episode! Rose adds how long the zombie transformation is for her before shooting (about an hour and 40 minutes) and tells us the few times she even went out in public with it on. Her favorite upcoming episode? 1.12 (also as everyone else said).

With all the fun tidbits and information we got at Wondercon, who’s excited for the remaining episodes of iZombie? (*shoots hand up in the air*)

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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