iZombie, S1 E4- Liv and Let Clive

iZombie S1E4- "Liv and Let Clive"

If this episode taught me anything, it’s that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…or in this case vision. After the opening scene of a rather normal skin toned, Blaine and his rich zombie lady friend (they airbrush their un-dead away, it appears), we find Liv entering Major’s house.

iZombie S1E4- "Liv and Let Clive"

“I would just die from embarrassment right now, if I weren’t already dead.”

She’s trying her best to apologize for her previous unnecessary behavior and numerous voice mails/phone calls and figured a house visit would be more suitable. Fancy coffee in hand, she expects to chat with Major one on one. Wrong. Turns out, Major has a visitor: his recent lady friend, Corinne. I found this scene truly hilarious (and unfortunately awkward for poor Liv). Noticing her shirt, Liv asks her if she, too, went to University of Washington. Don’t mind me, I’m just yelling at the screen, “Yes, she totally bought a men’s t-shirt for herself when she attended the school.” No, Liv honey.  That shirt belongs to your ex, Major. Don’t worry, Liv manages to put two and two together. It’s even more awkward then she could have thought possible and she has to quickly vacate the premises.

After Liv rants to Ravi about it, we meet this week’s dead victim. He’s in a kung-fu gang and appears to have zero finger digits, but that’s not the weird part. That’s the vision that unfolds in Liv’s mind. It features Clive and he doesn’t seem to be the nicest cop in the world (he’s attacking several men). Of course being freaked by this, Liv does her best to try to find out more. Throughout the entire episode, Liv and Ravi find themselves trying to see just how well they know Clive Babineaux. As the pair enter a Hong Kong video store, Rose McIver impresses me even further by putting on a fake “Valley Girl” accent (that includes gum). Before I burst anyone’s bubble, did anyone actually think Clive could have somehow been an antagonist in all of this? (I’ll get to the real bad guy in this episode a bit later). I certainly didn’t. Sure the promos made us think otherwise, but surely if Clive would be a true evil guy, wouldn’t we have seen just a smidgen of that already? Once Liv reveals her visions to Clive he explains that at the time, he was an undercover cop. He ended up getting so deep into it, that he had to be transferred to his current department.

iZombie S1E4- "Liv and Let Clive"

*sings* “Hanging out. Down the street. The same old thing, we did last week.”

A kung fu fight in Liv’s bedroom later (Rose McIver has skills everyone), and Clive finally catches the man in charge. Hooray! Liv also rather impresses her brother, who is staying with her for a bit while both Peyton is out of town on a case (no ‘Livton scenes’ unfortunately) because their Mom is a frantic worrier (“That’s why I tell my Mom I live in a no cell service building,” Liv states earlier).

What a few might have found surprising in “Liv and Let Clive” is Ravi and Major’s sudden budding friendship and latter roommate-ship. Liv catches them chatting about their video game faves and stats at the morgue and knows they would be perfect as roommates. Major’s looking for a roommate and Ravi’s looking for a place to stay. It’s a match made in heaven! Honestly, I was quite surprised how much I would adore their bromance. It gives both characters a male friend they can confide in (similar to Liv’s friendship with Peyton) and as Ravi later mentions, a chance for Major to stay in Liv’s life. Or is it for Liv to stay in Major’s life? Just when I thought I wouldn’t grow fond of Major’s character. I blame Robert Buckley’s adorableness.

The last bits and pieces (of brain. Ha, I kid) I want to bring to light are Blaine’s goings on throughout this episode. He’s started his own little company, delivering brains to other zombies for a ridiculously jacked up price (around 25 grand I believe). Every zombie around him appears to also have taken to the airbrushed look to blend into people around them. A few of his workers aren’t exactly satisfied by the way Blaine runs business. But since he’s the only one with a brain selling company, there’s zero competition. Even with just getting wind of his workers attempted business, he shoots them point blank in the head, killing them (if my zombie do’s and don’ts serves me correct). While I’m not a fan of the price of brains (I would charge a maximum of a $100, but that’s just me), I understand why Blaine is doing what he’s doing. He’s trying to not only make a name for himself in the little zombie community he continues to create, he also wants to stay ahead of the brain game. If he’s the only one supplying it, more for him. A zombie’s gotta do, what a zombie’s gotta do.

What did you guys think of 1.04: “Liv and Let Clive” (the puns in just the episode titles alone, I continue to love)?

Next episode, 1.05: “Flight of the Living Dead” airs Tuesday at 9/8c on the CW. The trailer can be viewed below.

Not only does Liv appear to get a new love interest, but Bradley James everyone. What’s that I hear? The entire Merlin fandom screaming their brains off?