Broadchurch – Season 2, Episode 6

The sixth episode of Broadchurch burst onto television screens last night, presenting a wonderful change in characters. So much happened in one hour that viewers are still trying to get on the same page, as they are now more suspicious than ever. If one thing can be said about this episode it was all about the women. Guilty or innocent, they came out strong and came for a fight.

The biggest added dimension of the night would have to be Claire. Sadly for her, Claire has alienated herself from her protector. Hardy has finally had enough and has grown a pair, kicking her out of his house, to the relief of everyone watching. She’s now the main suspect in the eyes of everyone. Between the constant lies, mysterious bluebells, hints of an affair with Hardy, and the jaw dropping secrets revealed during this episode, Claire has proven she is not one to be mucked around with. All anyone can wonder is that if Claire reacts to distress by destroying an entire kitchen, than she certainly lacks the wherewithal to prevent her temper from taking over. Could that possibly be what happened with Pippa and Lisa all along, and Lee really is innocent?

Poor Lee if that is the case. Granted, their relationship certainly has its kinky side. Viewer discretion should be advised any time they’re on the television together, because you’re never sure what you’re going to get. One minute they’re slapping and choking each other, the next they’re making love. Well, if you can call it that. Then whenever Lee isn’t around Claire is throwing him under the bus repeatedly in one breath, as she plans to search for a home with him in the next. If there is any life left in their relationship it has to be running out of air. You can only go so long until you break the camel’s back.

Speaking of breaking points, Ellie finally reached hers. Thank God! Not only did she tell Hardy to stir up trouble and put the Gillespie’s and Claire under stress, but she then puts Claire in her place by telling her to have some self-control and stop acting helpless when it comes to Lee. Especially since now everyone seems to know she isn’t helpless. But Ellie doesn’t stop there. Nope, she keeps on going finally calling Tom on his behavior and ripping him a new one before demanding he come home. Olivia Coleman’s scenes were all beautiful as they portrayed Ellie taking control of her life once more. She played the victim well, but frankly everyone was getting sick of Ellie’s refusal to do anything about her life and sitting by letting it happen to her.

Alec Hardy Hospital

Beth kept right on with the take charge attitude this week as well. Telling Mark that she didn’t need him, calling him out on his constant secrets and lies. Even with her deserved breakdown after finding out Mark intended to leave her, Beth is coming out a stronger person. Plus, she now has her best friend back. Through Mark’s constant betrayal, the friendship ruined by Joe murdering Danny was repaired.

Actually, it is the men who blew it this week. Ollie and his night of passion with the prosecutor. One can assume that isn’t going end well with whatever she found on the kitchen counter. Then, Mark’s secret relationship with Tom was revealed and his secret visit to Joe the night Joe confessed both put the case at risk of being thrown out. Even Joe, who just sits quietly by while his son lies on his behalf and his family is falling apart before his eyes just keeps sinking lower. What does he think he is going to do if he gets off? Is he so delusional that he believes everything will magically go back to normal?

Yes, the only man who didn’t make a stupid choice this episode was in fact Hardy. I know, it is rather surprising, given his recent antics. Not only does he take Ellie to the scene where Pippa’s body was found, thus reliving the worst day of his life, but he takes a stand for his health as well. Later Hardy begs Tess to take him back so they can be a family again, before checking himself into the hospital for that pesky pacemaker surgery that’s been hanging over his head the last fourteen episodes.

How did you think this episode turned out? More importantly, what do you think the prosecutor found while Ollie was stuck in his post sex slumber? Let us know in the comments below.