Black Sails, S2 E10- XVIII

Black Sails S2E10- "XVIII"

If you thought last week’s episode was intense, this episode takes the cake! (Well it is the season finale, something crazy’s got to go down).

All we hear is one simple piano note at the beginning of the episode. It’s Abigail. Judging by the somber and slow playing, I’d say she’s thinking of nothing but Miranda’s dead body with every moment. Poor girl. Her father interrupts to explain to her that he would love it if she would stay far away from this place over the next coming weeks. The trail/hanging of James McGrew would be too traumatizing on her little eyes. You’re talking to the girl that’s been manhandled by pirates and kept as a prisoner for weeks, months. Realizing what her father’s really saying, she refuses to do so. She was raised to speak the truth, and she does just that. She’s staying and that’s all there is to it. *standing ovation* Oh how I’ve grown to adore you Abigail. I hope you stick around in the next season.

On the ship, Vane aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea that they’re expected to drop what they’re doing and save Flint. But Vane goes into his whole spiel about “pirates being equal,” and I think the crew is willing to cool it for a minute. Just for safety measures, however, Vane asks Bill if he’ll babysit his crew while he’s away. If they do anything to provoke Vane’s crew, who knows what will happen. (My guess is you’re dead). I’m dying to see how this plays out.

Black Sails S2E10- "XVIII"

Look at the townsfolk yelling and ranting when they have no idea what the real truth is. #GetTheFacts

Speaking of dying, James’ future isn’t look very grand. He’s chained in the center of the town, heaps of people yelling various obscenities and remarks his way. Lord Peter Ashe whispers in his ear, “This all could have gone a different way.” Okay, well something of that nature. All James has to do is sign a contract to committing to all his crimes from the past and he would be a free man. But James isn’t about that life. While the two are talking, Miranda’s coffin is hauled out and opened for all to see. She is considered a criminal as well and according to the townsfolk, was going to kill the Governor (Well that’s half true, honestly). Everyone starts throwing fruit and various items at her and I’m trying to shield my eyes from seeing this horrible image. Why on earth would anyone do that? Regardless what they did during their life, respect the dead. End of story.

Word gets out that Queen Eleanor was kidnapped. Several of the residents are probably singing, “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!” to which I say, “NO!” Max agrees with me, too. Idelle spills the news to her and she practically looks ill. She’s wondering all these things about Eleanor possibly being tried for piracy as a male and her receiving the death penalty, etc. Max later changes the subject, asking Idelle how much money they have reserved. She doesn’t know, but you can bet Max is going to make her find out.

Jack, his crew, and supervisor Anne are busy sailing away to track down the Urca gold. Everything would be fine, if only they didn’t have so much tension you could cut it with a sword. Jack figures it’s time to restart that conversation they were about to have last night, before they got ambushed. “You almost didn’t come back here, but…” Short version: Anne will forever owe her life to Jack and they’ll be partners for life, but not in the marital sense. That role as of right now belongs to Max. I really admire their relationship. I never got a romantic vibe from them that much (they probably got used to being with one another over the years and all of those feelings slowly vanished), but I do know one thing: their bond is the strongest on the show, platonic or not.

Black Sails S2E10- "XVIII"

No one hurts any member of our crew and gets away with it.

Things aren’t looking too good for Flint’s crew while they’re under ship arrest (see what I did there?). After we see Watchman #2 give one of Vane’s men some secret information, immediately afterwards Silver is taken away. You bet Billy, Mr. Scott, and company ensue a ruckus to try and save their brother. Also fun fact: Silver is most likely to overthrow Mr. Scott as quartermaster. I guess all those morning announcements paid off.

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