Castle S7 Ep19 – Habeas Corpse

So the case of the week this time wasn’t all that special, but this was still a fun episode. Mainly because of the adorableness of both Castle & Beckett and Ryan & Espo.

Get Lucky

I love these guys so much.

A personal injury lawyer known as the Pitbull gets murdered in an alley. He’s been acting paranoid lately, but our team still can’t seem to find any case the guy might have been working on that would lead to his death. As a matter of fact, the answer is a case the victim worked on when he was a corporate lawyer – one that he felt so guilty about that he self-destructed and lost his job and wife. See, there’s a particular car make and model that shoots metal pieces into the hearts of drivers whose airbags inflate during accidents, but the car company (naturally) wants to cover this up. But the Pitbull refused to let that fact stay hidden, especially when he discovers more victims. It’s not his ex-wife, who represents the car company now, who killed him, though. It’s actually a rival personal injury lawyer, wanting to use the evidence the Pitbull found to extort the car company. The evidence? A crash test dummy with the same pattern of metal pieces embedded in it, which the Pitbull stole from the car company.

The other main plotline of the episode is a talent show that the whole department (?) does every year for charity. They usually have a celebrity guest. Ryan & Espo have won the talent competition two years in a row. They’re very proud of this fact, and very confident that they’ll win again this year. I have to say, “I’ve Had the Crime of My Life” sounds amazing, and I wish we could’ve seen it. We do get to see a glorious minute of their rehearsal for this year’s entry: a dance routine set to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. It is awesome. The costumes that they wore at the actual event also appear pretty awesome, based on the glimpse we get at the end of the ep. I would love it if a full performance, in costume, showed up in the special features for this season.

A winning act?

This was another extremely adorable scene that I could have watched more of.

Related to this, Castle and Beckett have been trash-talking the boys, saying that if they were ever allowed to enter the competition (they can’t, because Castle’s not a cop), their act would obviously be superior. And then the Captain tells them that Jimmy Kimmel has canceled at the last minute, so they need Castle to step in as the celebrity guest. He’s thrilled, because that means he and Beckett can enter the talent show. Beckett, however, is less thrilled. It turns out, although she’s happy to perform for Castle (ahem) or a small audience of people she knows, she gets stage fright in front of larger audiences. Aw, Beckett. She doesn’t want to tell Castle because she doesn’t want to crush his plans – and also because she doesn’t want him to think less of her. But he overhears her talking to Martha about all of this, and so he gets Kimmel to un-cancel so that they can’t be in the competition after all. Aw, Castle. And of course he doesn’t think less of her at all. I wouldn’t mind seeing a version of their performance, too – preferably the fully-clothed version, not the one they do in the shower. (Your mileage may, of course, vary.) And I’m honestly not sure who would have won, if both teams had competed.

I think we have a few weeks before our next new episode airs, on April 20. See you then!