iZombie, S1 E2- Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?

iZombie S1E2- "Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?"

You know when you’re a few episodes into a show and the story lines and characters just seem so refreshing and original to you? Like, you just want to know everything about each character; their hopes, dreams, relationships, etc. Or is that jut me? Unfortunately for some shows, as each week goes by the spark that once was there dies out. Well, I hope that doesn’t happen with this show. The writing is way too spot on!

iZombie S1E2- "Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?"

“There are way too many stunning paintings in here for me to do my job. Also stunning people.”

Immediately at the start of this episode, we are introduced to “the case of the week”. An artist named Javi was apparently stabbed in the eye via a paintbrush. Gross; that’s not art! While her new partner in crime, Clive, is actually busy trying to speak to witnesses and suspects (or trying to motivate Liv into having a vision. Even though everyone knows it doesn’t work like that), Liv is just waiting for her taste of brain.

Back at the morgue, she gets her brain fix thanks to Ravi. Her newly adapted abilities? A passion for art. This artist in particular saw everyday life much more colorful than the majority; he also clearly admired people, judging by Liv’s constant…instant attraction to everyone that walks in her way (if you catch my drift). Major finds her painting and listening to jazz, two things he never thought Liv would be doing in her life. That’s because she’s not alive, Major. Even Peyton questions why on earth she’s judging a dumb painting they bought years ago, when to her new-found “artist’s eye”, it’s hideous.

iZombie S1E2- "Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?"

“Don’t make me rage out on you.”

Liv doesn’t only discover a passion for art in this episode. She also comes face to face with the zombie in her nightmare, aka: the person that’s responsible for her current un-dead self. A Blaine Anderson (Glee) may have exited our lives, but iZombie has a Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) for us to adore just as much (or in my case, question whether or not he’s a good guy or bad guy). Ever since her startling dreams, Liv’s been on the hunt for him. Ravi tries to help her by allowing someone from the police station draw a sketch of him. However, Liv’s way of describing is totally off these days. According to Liv, Blaine’s chin is historic and his thin but substantial lips are “like a secret he can’t keep”. See what I mean by artist abilities? Anyway, apparently there’s a zombie grapevine, because there Blaine is standing in the morgue, unannounced. Both zombies meet and are fascinated by each other’s existence. If there are at least two zombies, how many could there be in the world?

Blaine and Liv’s introductions to one another is actually my favorite scene in this episode. For at least five minutes, the two discuss the proper zombie terminology. Just what do you call it when you have blood red eyes and are all zombie-fied? Liv’s been calling it, “full on zombie mode”. But Blaine prefers, “raging out”. Which one’s right, we’ll never know. Of course I’m going to use both for comedic purposes. The two don’t stop there. After they discuss their food struggles, Ravi comes in and starts running numerous tests on Blaine. What I find really surprising for a character like Blaine is that he wants a cure. He doesn’t “rage out” for giggles and kill everyone he sees. Okay sure, in this episode he turned a girl into a zombie (blackmail purposes. You know, totally normal) and may have killed his old drug dealers he owed mucho money to (it happens). Deep down though, I think he just wants to go back to his old life. Liv eventually comes to the conclusion with Ravi that he can’t be trusted, but I’m not so sure. I think he’ll surprise us in the long run. Prior to the show airing, he was labeled as the villain. Why can’t he be the “rebel zombie” that has morals and a conscience?

iZombie S1E2- "Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?"

Hey, at least I’m more alive than this skeleton behind me. #UndeadLifeGoals

At the end of the episode, the “case of the week” gets solved, thanks to our handy-dandy zombie, Liv. As Clive mentioned earlier in the episode, “It’s always the wife.” Everyone, write that down in your notebooks for later iZombie crime cases.

Overall, I was just as pleased with this episode as the pilot. That’s saying something, since in my opinion, most pilots aren’t nearly as strong as the rest of the episodes. I’m loving how each week we see Liv take on different traits from whomever’s brain she’s eaten; plus the comedy is still gold! Let me tell you, I’m hard to please when it comes to comedy. But, it’s like this show gets me. Within every scene there was something for me chuckle about. I hope the writing stays on par for the rest of the season.

What did you guys think of 1.02: “Brother, Can You Spare Me a Brain?” 

Anyone “shipping” any certain couple on this show yet? I am Team “Livton” (Liv and Peyton) all the way (Mostly platonic. Keyword: mostly).
But, I don’t think any of us are as aware of the iZombie pairings as Rose McIver is.

Next episode: 1.03: “The Exterminator” airs Tuesday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

Seeing how iZombie crew has stated that they are not venturing into the comic’s other supernatural beings, what do you think’s down in the hole? My guess is another zombie (gasp! They’re multiplying!) or just a human.

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