Ray Stevenson announced as Blackbeard in Season 3 of ‘Black Sails’!

Season Two of Black Sails hasn’t even finished airing yet and we already have news about the upcoming Season 3!

Ray Stevenson as Blackbeard

Ray Stevenson as Blackbeard in Season 3 of ‘Black Sails’

It was announced on March 24th that a certain familiar pirate will be spending a fair amount of time on Nassau Island. The pirate? The very much feared pirate, Blackbeard. The actor who will be portraying him is actor Ray Stevenson. Some might know him from the Thor films as Volstagg or his most recent role in Insurgent.

We should expect to see Stevenson as Blackbeard starting in the very beginning of Season 3. According to Entertainment Weekly, “[he] comes back to settle a few scores but finds that much has changed. With new alliances and heavily established ones in the way, Blackbeard will need to navigate his way through more than just the treacherous ocean.”

A photo has even been released of Stevenson as Blackbeard (also known as Edward Teach) which can be viewed to the left.

The Season Two finale of Black Sails, 2.10: “XVIII” will air Saturday March 28th at 9/8c on Starz. Immediately after a season 3 sneak peek will air.

Have any theories on how Blackbeard will act in the upcoming season? Or just want to be nice and fill me in on the real Blackbeard? Let me know in the comments.