Black Sails, S2 E9- XVII

Black Sails S2E9- "XVII"
Black Sails S2E9- "XVII"

“Shoot me down, but I won’t fall. I am titanium.”

In last week’s episode, Eleanor tragically lost her father, courtesy of Vane. Immediately in this episode, we see the body of Mr. Guthrie being prepared for what I would assume would be some sort of funeral service. Poor Eleanor is watching all of this happen! You are the bravest little lady, my dear Eleanor. People keep swarming in her office, saying their condolences, but she knows they’re just there to not get on her bad side when a war breaks out. Max even visits her! Finally, a Maxanor scene (well, sort of)! Max walks in with a fruit basket from her and her girls. Max brings up how complicated this whole thing is; it’s not like Eleanor and Mr. Guthrie had the best relationship. Eleanor replies that there’s nothing complicated about it – people are expecting a war and what better way than to try to get on Eleanor’s good side? Once outside, Max mentions Eleanor’s state to Jack. She’s seen what Eleanor can build when she’s ambitious, what she can destroy when she’s angry. But this Eleanor, she’s never seen before. What makes this conversation even more intense is Eleanor is peering at them outside her office window! Man, when we interviewed Hannah New back at New York Comic Con, and she mentioned that the proximity of Nassau were crazy tiny, she wasn’t kidding.

Meanwhile in Charleston, Miranda and Flint are trying to have a calm conversation with Peter Ash. They both agree to be 100% truthful with their answers. But the thing is, Peter doesn’t recognize the two people sitting before him. That’s how much they’ve changed in his eyes. Peter’s main concern and distaste for them is Mr. Hamilton’s death. Surprisingly, Miranda doesn’t hesitate to take the full blame for that. She told Flint where he was and Flint went with it. To further the emphasis on it being her fault, she quickly stands up out of her chair. Not a good idea. The guard in the room raises his gun and admits he isn’t afraid to shoot her at the next possible attack on Peter. Hugs Not Bullets, people!

That night during her father’s funeral, Eleanor feels truly and utterly alone. Even though she and her father had a rather difficult relationship during the majority of their lives together, in recent days she could confide in him. Now she has no one. *raises hand in the air* You have me, Eleanor! And everyone else on Team Eleanor. But, not letting this affect her (as her usual bad-ass self), she walks over to Mr. Underhill seeking a conversation about ambition.

Flint, Miranda, and Peter are still conversing about everything Nassau and about the past. Flint and Miranda whole-heartily believe that Nassau can be self-governed. Flint’s all: “Look at what’s changed.” Peter: “Exactly!” He feels too many negative changes have occurred. Thomas Hamilton’s death, for instance. I gasped at this! Was I the only one that didn’t know Thomas actually died? Sadness. I guess I just thought he was still locked up in the mental institution. There goes my hope for some Thomas and James action. Anyway, back to the episode. Flint is able to help with militia and creating an army for Nassau, etc; after that he feels it best if he retires. So all of this is going down like in the series finale, right? ‘Cause you can’t leave Flint, I won’t let you.

Black Sails S2E9- "XVII"

“I’m John Silver. I’m a survivor.”

On Flint’s ship, Billy is tending to the broken foot rope that caused Watchman #1’s death, and Silver and Watchman #2 are watching him, hoping he doesn’t fall to his death or find any evidence of foul play. Silver thinks it’s a good time to find Randall and see if he has any more gossip for him for his announcements. But when he gets down there, he sees the worst. Randall has been mysteriously stabbed! No! Just when I was starting to like his adorable weird self. Rest in Peace, Randall. Slowly, the entire boat comes under attack. Silver and Watchmen #2 fortunately hide, but everyone else isn’t so lucky. Any guesses on who the attackers are? Yep, Vane and his crew. Billy, still high above fixing the rope, sees all of this go down and is a little more prepared for being thrown into the fighting mix. Vane and Billy face one-on-one, but Billy’s unsuccessful and gets taken prisoner. Watching this play out, I was truly in awe by how they shot and edited this. It’s all in the action scenes where I feel like I’m watching a big blockbuster film.

Miranda and Flint are finally alone. It’s then that she asks Flint if what he said back there was true: if he’s really going to retire from piracy. Before relaying his answer, he tells the story of how he came up with the name Flint. Long story short, his grandfather met a man named Mr. Flint on board a ship and the name just stuck with James. The second he met Mr. Gates (RIP), he knew he had the perfect identity. Of course he was terrified of what he would and did become. So yes, Miranda, to answer your question: Flint is retiring from the pirate life. No offense McGrew, but you could have just said, “Yes.”

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