Reign, S2 E17- Tempting Fate

Reign S2E17- "Tempting Fate"

In my opinion, this episode of Reign should be called, “Testing Patience”; there are only so many Mary and Condé scenes I can take. But after using an entire recap/review last week to vent my feelings about them, I’m going to spare you from anymore negativity upon that subject.

Aside from “The Couple That Should Not Be Mentioned” (which was at least half the episode), I rather enjoyed, 2.17: “Tempting Fate”.

Similarly to what I’ve done in past recaps, I figured it’d be best for organizational purposes to list couples/characters that took part in this episode.

Reign S2E17- "Tempting Fate"

“You’re a liar! I opened my heart to a liar!” Whoomp, there it is.

*Mary and Condé: We see Mary and Louis try and spend as much time with each other (mainly to make out of course) as possible. If that means they have to lie to everyone around them, then so be it. In between all that snogging and lying to everyone, Condé ends up letting his marriage offer to Elizabeth slip to Mary. To be fair, he only brought it up, so they could still manage to find a way to arrive in Scotland together. To be honest, there really isn’t much else I have to say about these two, positively that is. I will, however, admit that I was wrong with how much these two care about each other. I thought for sure that once Louis let it slip about Elizabeth that “Mondé” would be no more. But it appears that in the end, their love trumps a lot more then I thought it did.

*Bash and Kenna: I was utterly relieved to see these two at least speaking to each other. There Bash is ready to leave to go on a long trip for work, Kenna looking longingly at him. Similarly to how you can tell a dog wants a treat that’s in your hand, you can tell that Kenna is still dearly in love with Bash. She even has the puppy eyes down, for goodness sake. “You are kind. And strong. And the only man who’s ever put my needs above his own,” she says to Bash. Bash asks that she hold onto her married name and her title while she’s away. Don’t let another King sweep her off her feet. Kenna’s title is almost a form of protection for her at this point. While I’m glad that they’re not getting annulled, it still saddens me that they’ve hit such a bumpy road in their relationship. I hope they can dig away all the muck and dirt and start fresh sometime soon. Let the past be just that: the past.

*Leith and Greer: Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner for most stable and romantic relationship on this show currently. Greer is content with saving up money to buy a townhouse by serving as a sort of pimp to her friends and neighbor. When she explains her plans to Leith, he wants to add something else on the table: marriage. Only one small problem: Greer’s already married to Castleroy. Even though her man is in jail, Greer is still faithful to him (okay, in the extent of the title). We see later on in the episode that Leith secretly tries to see to an annulment for Greer. Leith, I don’t think your ladylove is going to be too pleased that you’re doing this behind her back. Just saying.

Reign S2E17- "Tempting Fate"

Lady Lola. The most understanding and loyal character on this entire show.

We were given quite a few surprises throughout this episode, some good some bad. Good: Narcisse and Catherine? A thousand times yes. After Catherine is given the horrible news of Francis (more on that later), she raves that the prophecy is coming true once more. Narcisse calms her down the only way he knows how: a passionate kiss. I certainly saw the chemistry between these two when Narcisse first appeared, but brushed it aside. Narcisse was a villain and at the time I didn’t want anything to do with him. But he and Catherine are the perfect fit! Two seemingly antagonist characters (when it suits them, in Catherine’s case) and both age-appropriate for one another. Keep scenes with these two coming. Sorry, Claude, looks like you’re going to have to just longingly stare at Leith, your new bodyguard, for a while until the show gives you your own love interest. (Is it just me or does anyone else really want to see her with someone of the lady variety? Given what we’ve seen of Claude, I think she wouldn’t let the same gender rule out a relationship.)

Now onto the bad. While doing his job, Bash runs into a not-so-friendly person that, how do I put this lightly? Okay, he stabs Bash leaving him close to death. Fortunately for him, the nun from episodes prior rescues him and heals him. But with her, everything comes at a price. Simultaneously we see Francis fall to his knees and become extremely ill (although they just claim it’s just an ear infection). Judging from the blood that’s slowly dripping from Francis’ ear, I’d say he needs a miracle.

What are your thoughts on the big Francis reveal? Anyone shocked by this? Is it bad for me to say I wasn’t? Ever since the show first aired, I’ve known of Francis’ untimely death. The real Francis’ death is obviously quite well known and I doubt the writers will omit it entirely. Whether Francis will be around for only one more episode or several seasons, I unfortunately don’t see him living as long as his fellow royals.

Are there things you liked or didn’t like about Tempting Fate?

Reign is going on a short break (about 3 weeks) and will be resuming episodes come April 16th at 9/8c. The trailer for 2.18: “Reversal of Fortune” can be seen below.

Mary, honey. I know you’re a teenager and everyone (except me *hair flip*) goes through some sort of bad girl/boy phase. But also as a queen, I know you’re really going to regret this part of your life.

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