iZombie, S1 E1- Pilot

iZombie S1E1- "Pilot"

Starting a brand new show is always challenging. You think to yourself, “Am I even going to like this show?” or my personal favorite, “What if this show gets cancelled after only one season? Am I ready for that heartbreak?” (I’m still mad at you CW for cancelling The Secret Circle). It’s a risk, but I’m always willing to take it. What’s another television show to add to my already heaping schedule?

I’m going to be completely honest. I wasn’t expecting much from iZombie. I’ve always adored Rose McIver’s work (Liv Moore) from the get go (Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook Off anyone? She’s SO little!) and knew I had to check out her work in this show. The premise slightly intrigued me and I was curious what they were going to do with it. Little did I know that it was going to be filled with hilarious sarcastic one-liners, adoring every character (minus Major. Sorry, you haven’t proven yourself worthy to me yet. In due time.), and be invested from beginning to end.

iZombie S1E1- "Pilot"

“God damn it! Did I blackout drink again?!”

The episode smoothly introduces us to our undead, yet very much alive in sass, main character, Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore (Iver). Prior to her zombie state, Liv was a successful medical student, engaged to Major and having what one would call: the perfect life. One night, instead of staying in with her fiancee, she decides to go to a boat party a friend invited her to. Bad idea. It goes completely haywire. Next thing she knows, there’s a fire, zombies attack, and Liv finds herself accidently zipped up in a body bag with a zombie scratch on her arm.

Flash forward five months later, and her life has drastically changed. Gone are her long brunette locks; instead she sports a short bleach blonde ‘do. Of course, there’s also the pale complexion. Duh. Now, not only does Liv have to eat brains often in order to stay alert and sane, but from each brain she consumes…she receives visions from their previous owner and picks up their mannerisms. (This episode she’s a kleptomaniac). Her parents and friends are utterly worried about her. Why on earth would she give up her residency at the hospital for a bleak job at the morgue? I’ll tell you why: easy access to brains. They insist she is struggling from PTSD from the boat party and hope the old Olivia Moore will return in the near future.

iZombie S1E1- "Pilot"

“I will give you all the brains your non-beating heart desires, if I can study you!”

The only one who learns of her zombie secret is her boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli). He’s basically everything Lewis McCartney from H2O: Just Add Water ever wanted to be (if you know who that is and what that show is, we can be best friends). Instead of shuddering at the sight of Liv scarfing down brains with her hot sauce and ramen (as a zombie, anything spicy gives Liv’s taste buds joy), it’s like he’s a kid in a candy store. He’s absolutely fascinated by Liv’s condition and is running all sorts of tests hoping to find a cure for her. And here Liv is thinking there’s no cure. It’s only the first episode, don’t make me tear up already.

Through majority of the episode we see Liv helping out a cop, Clive Babinaux, help crack a case of a recently deceased person. At the morgue, Ravi decides to blurt out that Liv’s a psychic (Liv: “…ish.”) and has visions and the next thing she knows, she’s like his partner in crime. Of course, Liv is successful in solving the crime and saves the day and Clive’s job . “Seriously, how did you solve crimes before me?”

Just from watching this single episode, I can tell that CW has another strong female lead on their hands and quite possibly another hit show. Everywhere I look, people are coining Liv the “undead Veronica Mars” (iZombie and Veronica Mars share the same creator, Rob Thomas). Thoughts? (I can’t exactly give my opinion on that as I’ve barely seen that show. *winces* Don’t throw things, please!) What’s also really cool about this series, are the opening credits. (Everyone should know I’m a sucker for a good opening credits/theme song by now). They’re drawn by the original artist from the comic book series, Michael Alfred. Basically, if you’re confused by what I just explained above about the show, the opening credits will do a much better job at explaining the premise.

iZombie S1E1- "Pilot"

“Can I have some cheese to go with this brain?”

For those that saw the series premiere, what were your favorite scenes?
Besides Rose McIver’s excellent delivery of her many sarcastic-yet-hilarious lines (there really are too many to count), my favorite was a scene between Liv and her roommate/best friend, Peyton Charles. Like her family, Peyton (played by Hellcats Alyson Michalka. aka: another reason I started watching this show) is crazy worried about her dear friend. Liv used to want to do something with her life. Now Peyton and the rest notice that she just sits and watches TV all day (when not at work I’m assuming). Towards the end of the episode, Peyton and Liv have a somewhat heart-to-heart. I’m just going to quote exactly what Peyton says to Liv, because it’s the best. “I so wanna write you off. I so wanna be in that ‘you can’t help those who don’t help themselves’ place. But despite all of this, you’re my freakin’ heart.” It was with those words and that scene that I completely understood Peyton’s point of view with all the changes that she’s seen Liv go through. She wants to help her, but has no clue how. One thing she does know is she’ll always be there for Liv no matter what. If and when Liv shares her current transformation to her, I think Peyton could handle it.

What did you guys think of the pilot episode?
Next episode, 1.02: “Brother, Can You Spare A Brain?” airs Tuesday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

Am I the only one giggling at the fact that Tinkerbell and Dr. Whale (David Anders) are now zombies? I guess that’s what happens when you leave Storybrooke.

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