Arrow, S3 Ep16 – The Offer

The last time we were graced with an episode of Arrow, Ra’s al Ghul gave Oliver Queen an offer. That offer being to take his place as the next Ra’s al Ghul, making his moniker more a title rather than a name. Additionally, the last time we saw Thea Queen she had a death wish, offering up her guilty conscience to Nyssa al Ghul. “The Offer” continues to further develop these two aspects as both Ollie and Thea question their current roles in Starling City, and Captain Lance even questions his alliance with the Arrow.

Arrow, S3 Ep16 - The Offer (2)

Ollie and Diggle discussing “The Offer”

In “The Offer” we are finally given more information about Ra’s al Ghul and his Lazarus Pit. For numerous episodes now we have seen shots of the character bathe in a pool of water, but there has been no inclination on whether or not this pool held the secret to immortality as it does in the comics. After Ra’s makes the offer to Ollie, Ra’s begins to give him a tour of what could be his if he accepts. He tells Ollie of how he has been able to live longer than his time should allow thanks to the Lazarus Pit. We even get to see the pit magically heal a blade wound on Ra’s hand later on.

As enticing as controlling the league and having immortality may seem, Ollie doesn’t go for the offer… at first. Upon his return home Ollie reviews his progress as Starling City’s hooded hero and comes to his own realization that he hasn’t made the progress he’s wanted. Those close to him have died and crime is just as bad as it’s always been. On top of that, he no longer has the support of Captain Lance, who turned his back on him after realizing Ollie lied about Sara’s death. Ollie begins to think that the time of the Arrow may be over, and he may have start anew as the next Ra’s al Ghul.

Fortunately for Ollie, but unfortunately for some police officers, a new villain by the name of Murmur comes to town. As this episode worked more as character study for Ollie and Thea, Murmur’s subplot isn’t delved into too much. Ollie along with his teammates eventually save the Starling City Police Department from Murmur and his goons, which reminds Ollie of why he has to remain the protector of his city leading him to turning down Ra’s al Ghul’s offer. Honestly, if Ollie did have the control of the League of Assassins, he could probably make it work. He could police more cities than Starling, and since the “assassins” will do his bidding they don’t have to kill either. I honestly would have liked to see that, but it’s not going to happen.

The episode concludes with Ra’s al Ghul dressing up as the Arrow and killing criminals in his name. Now scorned by Ollie’s refusal, Ra’s wants to destroy Ollie’s superhero persona, which I’m sure will lead to some major changes for the series. If you don’t believe me just watch the recently released PaleyFest trailer at the end of this review.

Arrow, S3 Ep16 - The Offer (3)

“I can hear you talking about me in there.”

Thea continues to go through an emotional arc in this episode, as Ollie returns her father Malcolm Merlyn back to Starling City. As he recovers on the couch, Thea and Ollie share an interesting conversation about her current state that should make most viewers sympathetic to Thea’s plight. We see it’s not easy living with the guilt of killing a friend all the while the man who made you do it is couch crashing. I’m really hoping this alliance between Merlyn and Ollie doesn’t last any longer than it has to. Ollie may still need Merlyn’s help in defeating Ra’s, but after that he has to be sent to jail or Ollie’s A.R.G.U.S. prison.

Overall, “The Offer” was a bit on the dull side. The offer itself is still weird to me. Ra’s is only offering Ollie the position because Ollie survived their battle together. If Ra’s knew that Ollie had help from the Yamashiros, would Ra’s be so quick to make Ollie his heir?  The addition of Murmur wasn’t that compelling in my opinion. The writers could have filled that spot with any villain and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. What I did like about “The Offer” was the fact that Ollie came to his senses quick and denied Ra’s offer in one episode. I wouldn’t have wanted to see that drag out any longer. Of course, the inclusion of a Lazarus Pit (finally) is much appreciated. This new aspect further removes Arrow from its grounded roots and more into fantastical comic book territory.

In next week’s episode the Suicide Squad returns in “Suicidal Tendencies”. You can check out the trailer for “Suicidal Tendencies” here, and the recently released PaleyFest trailer can be seen below. Feel free to let us know what your thoughts were on “The Offer” in the comments.

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