Broadchurch – Season 2, Episode 3

This week’s episode of Broadchurch was a nail biter down to the very last second. Thankfully we didn’t have to worry long over the fate of Claire as she turned up safe with Lee at Hardy’s stowaway house. You have to admit that for someone who was caught being recorded he had a right to be mad, but certainly not to act like a five year old and throw Hardy to the floor. What if his heart had given out? Then he really would be a murderer! The sheer arrogance of then reporting Hardy to the police, trying to get him in trouble, and then demanding an apology show that Lee’s behavior is clearly out of sync. Especially since Hardy couldn’t attack a fly without having an arrhythmia.

Seriously? Does no one know about Hardy’s heart condition? Why doesn’t the prosecution use this as proof that Miller couldn’t have an affair with him? Especially not for two hours. Hardy’s behavior isn’t ranking much better than anyone else in this episode. With his yelling at Claire, and then deciding to walk home to brood instead of taking care of his health. Like he could really take the extra physical exertion. See folks, this is what happens when you don’t follow the book and make stupid decisions. You just keep on making them. At least he is potentially doubting his own investigation by looking over his case files.

The most moving moment of this Broadchurch was no doubt Mark’s promise to his new baby girl that he would get it right this time. Hopefully, he’ll realize that seeing Tom is not favorable to this new life before him and make the right decisions. Too bad Beth isn’t in a place to move on with her continued inability to forgive Ellie. Who was the only one there for her when she went into labor! Where was her husband? Off gallivanting around in secretive behaviors!

Broadchurch 2

Miller’s other side was a pleasant surprise from this episode. Shedding her uniform and going out on the town with Claire, even if on assignment from Hardy. But now we all know that drunk Miller is funny. But how sad was the sex. Poor Miller all alone with her husband in jail. Abandoned by everyone, even her own son, to the point that she seeks comfort from a random man at a bar. Coleman’s acting was perfection. Especially when Miller begged the man to just say he loved her. If your heart didn’t break in that moment it must be in need of a pacemaker, just like Hardy’s.

Thankfully Hardy’s plan worked and Miller got yet another story line from Claire. She’s turning out to be not so trustworthy. Suddenly Lee drugged her and she woke up to him cleaning. Does she really think she can continue lying and get away with it? Obviously she is hiding something. And it turns out that Hardy thought so too. Finally we’re at the heart of the matter and realize that no one truly knows who can be trusted in the case of Pippa Gillespie.

What did you all think of this week’s Broadchurch? Were you gasping at the outrageous claims made by the defense? Are you prepared for next week’s episode? Tell us what you think below in the comments and don’t forget to tune into next week’s episode, which promises to heat things up.