The Flash, S1 Ep15 – Out of Time

“Out of Time” begins with a callback to the pilot episode of The Flash as we find out Clyde Mardon had a brother who developed the same weather-altering abilities he did. Since Clyde Mardon was killed by Detective West back in that episode, Clyde’s brother Mark has now come out of hiding hoping to get revenge on Detective West. This tension coupled with the ever-growing distrust of Harrison Wells and some awkward relationship issues between Barry, his girlfriend Linda (Malese Jow), Iris, and Eddie, make “Out of Time” one of this season’s most compelling episodes complete with a surprising finish.

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Stop that, Iris!

The subplot involving the relationship between Barry and Iris was probably the least enjoyable aspect of “Out of Time”. While I did enjoy the appropriately awkward scenes between the two at the bowling alley, the fact that Iris now admittedly has feelings for Barry all of a sudden seems out of character. She never had feelings for him before, so why now? I guess these shows need to have a love triangle (or in this case, a square) every once in a while, but haven’t we got that enough from Arrow? Either way, this progression in Barry and Iris’ relationship wasn’t surprising. We all knew it was coming eventually.

The main subplot involving Mark Mardon, a.k.a. Weather Wizard, was pretty much by the numbers for a revenge story of its type. Detective West eventually does his “no one else will get hurt because of me” speech to Barry, and Mardon clearly wants more than West’s life to pay back for what he lost. Still, this plot was very enjoyable and fun to watch. Unlike his brother Clyde, Mark Mardon has more control over his weather altering abilities, to the point where he can create hale in his hands and aim lightning at specific points. The Flash even found a way of incorporating a wand into the episode, but unlike it is in the comics, this wand created by Cisco cancels out Weather Wizard’s powers.

The most compelling aspect of “Out of Time” were the scenes involving Harrison Wells. With Detective West recently growing suspicious of Wells, and now the Central City’s news source also becoming suspicious, Cisco takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of things. He finds out Wells sabotaged his device used in “The Man in the Yellow Suit”, making it appear that the Reverse-Flash was captured when he truly wasn’t. How the Reverse-Flash was seen beating himself (Wells) up can be chocked up to weird comic book science. Wells is able to create what is called a “speed mirage” of himself to make it seem like two of him appear.

A lot of game changers for the series occur before “Out of Time” concludes. After capturing Detective West, Mardon threatens Iris’ life with a tsunami. Talk about overkill. Barry accompanies her to the pier in which her father is being held, but once the tsunami comes Barry realizes he has to change into his superhero persona in front of Iris to use his speed and block the Tsunami from hitting Central City. This happens after both Iris and Barry proclaim their love for each other and they have their first kiss.

Before this, Cisco discovers the truth about Wells. Wells figures out Caitlin’s plans to stall him at the coffee shop and makes his way to S.T.A.R. Labs to confront Cisco, revealing his real intentions in true comic book villain fashion. He tells Cisco how he’s from the future and how he needs Barry’s speed to make his way back to his time. Wells also reveals his true name, Eobard Thawne, simultaneously revealing he is a descendent of Eddie Thawne. This explains why the Reverse-Flash did not hurt Eddie in “The Man in the Yellow Suit”.

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Weather Wizard attacks

This leads to the episode’s most tragic moment as we see a severely frightened Cisco get impaled in the chest with Harrison Well’s super-fast hand. A lot of credit has to go to actor Carlos Valdes on successfully selling the fact that his character was about die.

So, Iris and Barry kiss, Wells reveals his true self, and Cisco dies, but if the trailers and commercials we’ve been seeing are any indication, Cisco has to be alive for a lot longer than this one episode. It turns out he is. In the conclusion of “Out of Time”, Barry runs so fast in order to stop the Tsunami from hitting Central City that he goes back in time before any of this crap hit the fan. And that’s where it ends.

Some may look at this ending as a cop-out, but the writers really made it work. While it’s nice to end the episode knowing that Detective West was never captured by Mardon and Cisco never died at the hands of the Reverse-Flash, it’s funny to think that nearly everything in “Out of Time” didn’t actually happen. Barry now has a chance to save his surrogate father before he gets captured and maybe even imprison Mardon since he’ll know where Mardon will be. Unfortunately, he and his team are back at square one with Harrison Wells. Barry may have his suspicions from his source at the newspaper, but there is no confirmation that Wells is the Reverse-Flash.

“Out of Time” was a compelling episode overall and a great return for the series as The Flash has been on break for a few weeks now. The episode got very crazy towards the end and if the recently released PaleyFest sizzle reel is any indication, things are going to get a whole lot crazier. Check out the sizzle reel below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Out of Time” in the comments.

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