Black Sails, S2 E8- XVI

Black Sails S2E8- "XVI"

Over at Flint’s ship, Silver is doing his daily announcements spiel to the crew. Watching the entire crew be so invested with it and seeing them all stomp their feet in unison was the cutest thing ever. This was my face. It’s clear that Silver has them wrapped around his little finger. Well, except maybe one person. One of the guys that knows about the Urca gold is giggling like a school girl in the corner. Silver sees this and confronts both men privately about how no one should even have an inkling about the gold. You guys are not exactly helping. Well, you could say that later one of the Urca boys tries to help. We’re talking causing the guy’s death to look like an accident (how Final Destination of you). That wasn’t what Silver had in mind by keeping quiet, but it’ll do.

Below the deck, Abigail gets introduced to Billy and is surprised by his…appearance. He doesn’t exactly resemble the stereotypical pirate. To be honest Abs, none of Flint’s crew really do. Anyway, Flint delves into the story in which Billy came to them. He was kidnapped as a child for three years until he finally killed his kidnappers. Feeling that his parents wouldn’t want anything to do with a murderer, he never faced his parents again and had been with pirate folk ever since. While it was super interesting to hear the origin story of how Billy came to be with the crew, I’m not sure how this would relate to Abigail. Probably that it shows that not all pirates are born evil human beings; we’ve definitely seen that throughout both seasons thus far.

Max, Jack, and Ship Guy are brainstorming ways to conceal the gold once they have it. More like Ship Guy is coming up with ideas, and Max and Jack are daydreaming about Anne (or also Eleanor in Max’s case), ’cause they’re incredibly bored by Ship Guy’s ideas at this point. The only time their interest is sparked is when Ship Guy (I should probably just call him Featherstone at this point, shouldn’t I?) ponders using the probably-abandoned-at-this-point Fort. With a flick of her wrist, Max dully adds, “Jack go with him.” I can already tell that this isn’t going to end well. It doesn’t. More on that later.

Black Sails S2E8- "XVI"

James McGrew has returned to Charleston. Alert the presses.

After seeing the men give a sweet funeral service to Irving, it’s clear to Abigail that pirates aren’t monsters. They’re human beings just like everyone else. Perhaps the real monsters are people that despise them. This new way of thinking definitely comes in handy for Flint once they arrive in Charleston. James, of course, uses the utmost caution when speaking to the people of Charleston. The ship and crew never reveal weapons and he explains that he has no demands for Abigail’s return. Everything should run smoothly for him and Miranda. Wrong. Once in the town, on Lord Ash’s orders, Flint is kicked and beaten. One can only assume that Peter wanted death to be on the table. Fortunately for Flint, Abigail bucks up the courage to stop the men from harming him. If they harm him, she will surely tell her father that she told them not to and they disobeyed her orders. I really admire Abigal’s spitfire energy and personality that’s broken through. She is a lot stronger then I ever took her for – not to mention I love all her clothes. When they arrive at the Ash residence, all Abigail has to do is run to her father and explain what’s going on to receive a hug from her father and a greeting to Flint and Miranda. “Welcome to Charleston.” Abigail, it’s clear you’re a Daddy’s Girl, even if you haven’t seen your father in years.

Black Sails S2E8- "XVI"

*sings* I knew you were trouble when you walked in. (Just kidding, Jack)

We end this episode with Jack Rackham and Ship Guy and the Mystery of the Abandoned Fort. All jokes aside, Jack and Featherstone try to enter the fort, but no one’s answering. Ship Guy suspects that either no one’s in it or they’re plotting war in there. But surely if they were doing the latter, they would hear some sort of activity? Jack gets a few more men to help break down the door with him and is appalled by what they find inside. Not only is the place deserted, a man is found dead, tied up on a makeshift crucifix. The man? Mr. Guthrie, Eleanor’s father. Eleanor runs to the scene of the crime, thinking it’s Vane, and is shocked to find her father. Pinned to his chest is a letter from Vane. Vane is out with his men wreaking havoc and will be back for his revenge later. Oh dear.

What did you all think of 2.08: “XVI”? Only one more episode left until the season finale.

The trailer for next week’s episode, 2.09: “XVII”, can be found below.

Please tell me I’m not seeing things. But does Eleanor actually have a scene with Max? It’s about time.

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