Black Sails, S2 E8- XVI

Black Sails S2E8- "XVI"

Operation “Bring Abigail Back” is a go at the start of this episode. We are engrossed in Abigail’s point of view within the first 8 minutes. While she may be in great hands with Miranda, James, and his crew, she’s still daily plagued with nightmares of the horrid Ned Low and her first kidnapping. I admired the glimpse we got of what it was like for Abigail when she taken by Ned. The way it was shot and edited was definitely effective; you can bet I jumped out of my seat when Ned grabbed her. Very effective, Black Sails editors/directors. Even though James and his crew are 100% safe and trustworthy to Abigail and Miranda (they even supply her with writing supplies to keep a journal!), Abigail is convinced that their politeness is an illusion. Way to brain wash your kid, Peter. Later, once Abigail is out of earshot, Miranda confesses to James how much of an adult Abigail is; she hardly recognized her. But the question they should be asking is: will Lord Ash recognize the two after all this time?

At the brothel, Jack’s quartermaster, Featherstone aka: Ship Guy, storms past Idelle and fellow ladies and barges into Max’s room. Both Max and Jack can be seen working, most likely having something to do with the Urca gold mission. Ship Guy’s all flustered, asking them how the hell they’re going to bring the gold on board without the rest of the crew knowing. Max and Jack are all, “Dude, it’s easy. By the time the crew realizes anything, you’ll already be on your merry way to retrieve the gold.” It’s obvious, Ship Guy, that you haven’t done many secretive pirate things before. Pirate noob. After Featherstone rants even more about his problems, Jack and Max send him on his way. Once gone, Jack brings up She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to Max. Anne. Anne has left to help Max with something (my guess: she’s getting a head start in retrieving the Urca gold. Your thoughts?), and Jack states that he hardly knows Anne anymore. Judging by Max’s facial expression she’s all, “Yeah, people change. Your point?” While I don’t dislike you, Jack, a quick little reminder: you left Anne before she left you. You literally kicked her out of the crew and left her. I don’t feel sorry for you in the slightest with your “relationship” problems.

Downstairs, a cheeky woman appears to be spying on Ship Guy and his private conversations with someone. Turns out she’s the daughter of the original madame of the brothel and she’s spying for her mother. Exactly what her other wants, we don’t know nor does it seem like her daughter wants it in the first place. Whatever you do, original madame (real name: Mrs. Mapleton), don’t try and get your position back at the brothel. That position’s already been filled and Max is doing a damn finer job at it then you ever would. *mic drop*

Black Sails S2E8- "XVI"

“Stop Max? That’s going to be rather difficult. Have you seen her pretty face and heard her French accent?” #swoon

In Eleanor’s office, Mrs. Mapleton unexpectedly meets with her. The person for whom Original Madame is collecting all this information is for Eleanor. Gasp! Eleanor wants to make sure that Max isn’t doing anything shady. What boggles my mind about all this is that this simple act means that all this time, Eleanor cared for Max in a way. She doesn’t want Max to do anything that she’d regret later. This is my interpretation of it, though, and I might be super biased as I’m the quartermaster of the ‘Maxanor’ ship. Short version of their meeting: Original Madame explains about Charlotte and Logan’s abrupt departure and believes Max actually killed them. Why else would Charlotte not have retrieved her life savings from Mrs. Mapleton? Oh, and Mrs. Mapleton has a theory about the Urca gold as well. All in all, Eleanor needs to stop Max. As a huge eavesdropper myself (it’s a curse of always wanting to know everything), I can assure you that you never get the full story. Don’t assume something is happening when you don’t have all the facts.

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