Reign, S2 E16- Tasting Revenge

Reign S2E16- "Tasting Revenge"
Reign S2E16- "Tasting Revenge"

The ‘Frary’ tale is no more.

Okay Royals, Reign is back! Were any of you eagerly awaiting it? Or were you like me and a little hesitant on how the return episode would be? Why was I hesitant you ask? Three words: Mary and Condé.

This recap/review is not going to be your typical “blow by blow, and occasional opinion” style you usually see from me. Based on how this episode sat with me overall, I felt for this episode, 2.16: “Tasting Revenge”, I would just spill out my feelings/issues with the current story-lines (hopefully cohesively).

First, a quick summary of the episode. A wine tasting celebration courtesy of Francis’ birthday brings forth several ladies to the castle, wanting to be his mistresses. Word has gotten out about Francis and Mary’s estrangement and everyone tries to shove a girl Francis’ way. Catherine thinks it should be someone close like Lola (I approve!). Narcisse wants his niece to have a fair shot. Four for you, Stéphane Narcisse, because Francis ends up sleeping with her. The side plots of the episode consist of Leith finding out about Greer’s current situation and struggles, to which he tries to help the best he can, and Kenna and Bash facing an unfortunate strain on their relationship. Oh and Mary? She’s busy sneaking off with Condé for the majority of the episode, and constantly exclaiming to Francis that Louis makes him happy.

Reign S2E16- "Tasting Revenge"

The ladies of Reign. Brave. Honest. Beautiful

Before you all send sword and spears my way, let me begin by explaining what I adored within this episode. I continue to look forward to seeing how Greer’s new life has panned out and how even though she’s practically penniless, she is surviving with her head held high. While the Kenna and Bash outcome was heartbreaking to watch, it made sense. Honestly, I can see the Antoine scenario being merely a rough patch for the once lovers.

Now, let’s discuss Mary and Condé and their current relationship, and just my recent distaste for certain aspects that this show is trying to get across. If you’ve been reading my Reign recaps from the beginning (you all get candy if you have), you will know that I have always admired the bond that Mary and Condé shared. The two clearly had a connection from the get go and have always been comfortable around each other. Speaking from personal experience, it’s so liberating to know someone so well to where you can share everything and anything with them. I have a few people in my life (as I’m sure we all do) that I can tell anything and I know they’re not going to judge me, etc. Do I think Mary and Condé could have had some sort of a “more than friends” relationship down the road? Absolutely; Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale have chemistry for days (as do Adelaide and Toby). But, I would like to remind everyone of Mary’s sexual assault.

Reign S2E16- "Tasting Revenge"

Mary, just do you. Not anyone else, please.

What constantly boggled my mind in this episode and a few episodes prior to was how sure of herself and confident Mary felt around Condé, in comparison to her husband, Francis. I probably sound like the biggest biased ‘Frary’ fan at this point. Just hear me out though. We all saw the scenes where Francis tried to do everything in his power to help Mary through her emotional state. And in Mary’s defense she tried to be around Francis and make their relationship work. While you’re reading this, notice who I mainly keep referring to? The men in Mary’s life, Louis Condé and Francis more so then Mary herself. In my opinion what the writers are fairly grasping at this point is how Mary as an individual is coping through her sexual assault.

The only person that should be the main priority and concern over Mary’s sexual assault is Mary. Instead, it’s become clear to me that the writers wanted to use this tragic experience that Mary went through and have it kick start a love triangle between Mary, Condé, and Francis. Not only is that disrespectful to the characters we love so much, but also to people that have actually been sexually assaulted in real life.

A lot of my thoughts are a jumbled mess above and I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to get at. If anyone feels differently or likes Mary/Condé, please don’t hesitant to leave comments below. Just because I feel so strongly about this recent Reign episode/love triangle, doesn’t mean I’m going to shoot down anyone else’s opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own views and I forever respect that.

Next episode, 2.17: “Tempting Fate” airs next Thursday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

“You’re a liar! I opened my heart to a liar.” Yes, let’s hope with that said, this Condé/Mary/Francis triangle can be over, and I can get back to fawning over the pretty dresses and bad-ass Mary scenes.

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