Broadchurch – Season 2, Episode 2

Broadchurch2This week’s episode of Broadchurch left viewers on the edge of their seats yet again. With this episode closely resembling a puzzle, fans await for what clues will be revealed next week after the cliffhanger they were left with. Viewers are being very much left in the dark, forcing them to fit the pieces together as clues unravel.

One thing Broadchurch does not leave wanting is mystery. So many holes are popping up. Such as when did Danny find out about Mark’s affair? Last season everyone was under the impression that he didn’t know. One can only hope the future episodes will tie everything nicely together in a tight bow like last season. Another one of these festering holes involves Claire. Are we really to believe she just followed Hardy to Broadchurch when he told her to? Where was she during the entire case Hardy was working? Sitting around waiting patiently for him to stop by or call her while she’s at her lonesome in the massive house he’s renting for her at god knows what cost? At least now we know how Hardy can begin to afford his own place and one for Claire. But even then, surely substituting as a crap teacher and boring prospective detective inspectors to tears can’t pay that well.

This leads to the second most troubling aspect of Hardy’s awareness. If he is half as good as he appears to be, then how did he not notice Lee following him? Or for that matter, begin to suspect that Lee broke into his house in order to try to find Claire? Nope. Instead he only realizes it after Lee makes a comment about his failing health. Also, for someone proclaiming his innocence and begging for his life back, Lee certainly is acting shady. I don’t know about you, but breaking into homes and stalking the detective responsible for him being arrested sure doesn’t scream wrongly accused to me.

Thankfully some of those odd pieces from the last season are being investigated. Such as when Hardy allowed Miller to see her husband after he confessed. You might remember this as when Miller went wild, kicking the crap out of Joe on the interview room floor until Hardy and his men could get in there to stop her. Yes this tasty tidbit came back to bite them in the behind, as it led to the confession being thrown out. With this revelation fingernail biting is certainly occurring with all the other potential secrets that could further derail the trial. Like maybe that money Miller paid her sister for information?

However, even with that, the most concerning aspect of this Broadchurch is no doubt Hardy’s behavior. His desperation to catch the Sandbrook murderer is blinding him. Even Miller is worried about his judgment. Rightfully so with his careless behavior. It is one thing to put your own life on the line but another to take someone else’s and put it on the line. How did he think setting up a meeting between Claire and Lee was a good idea? Even if he wants to use her as bait, going MI5 and setting up surveillance everywhere in Miller’s house doesn’t guarantee safety. Of course it was only a matter of time before everything came falling down, as Nige ran to inform Beth that Miller was in the area, thus creating a big enough commotion to allow Lee and Claire to escape. It’s beginning to look a lot like nothing can ever go right in Broadchurch.

What do you think of this season so far? Do you think Joe’s trial is going to be one lie revealed after another, or will the town of Broadchurch pull through?