Rachel Skarsten cast as Queen Elizabeth I in ‘Reign’!

Lords and Ladies, after seasons of hearing of the England Queen Elizabeth I in Reign, we finally have a actress portraying her: Rachel Skarsten. Many of you might have seen her work. She’s known for her role as Tasmin in Lost Girl, and her most recent role as Christian Grey’s assistant in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Bow down to Queen Elizabeth, Rachel Skartsten.

Bow down to Queen Elizabeth, Rachel Skartsten.

Skarsten is set to first appear as Elizabeth I in the season finale of Reign (airing Thursday May 14th at 9/8c) and then will be bumped to a series regular in the just announced third season.

Executive producer Laurie McCarthy had some interesting things to say about the character Queen Elizabeth I and her current “presence” on the show: “…without ever stepping onto our stage, [Elizabeth], loomed over our first two seasons as a forceful and intriguing presence. I have been dying to introduce her to our characters and our audience. Because no single character understands Mary’s (Adelaide Kane) unique circumstances more. No character is more of a threat to her happiness and her life.”

Judging by this statement, and what McCarthy continues to explain to Hollywood Reporter, Skarsten’s character will be someone you won’t want to mess with. Personally, I’m excited for her arrival. Let the drama ensue. My only question is, is Elizabeth going to stay in the French court? That’s the only logical location I can think of in order for her to be considered a series regular come season 3. I guess we’ll just have to find out when the finale rears its head.

New episodes of Reign return Thursday March 12th at 9/8c on the CW.

In the mean time, what are your theories on how Elizabeth is going to be incorporated into the series? Hey, if the audience likes her so much, perhaps there could be a Queen Elizabeth I spinoff in Rachel’s future. It worked for Joseph Morgan.

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