Glee S6 Ep10 “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester”

Organ music catches Will’s attention. Oh yes, Sue is at the organ, playing the opening notes of “The Final Countdown” by Europe. Sam recognizes the seriousness and flees.

Sue declares he’s crossed her for the last time and now she’s going to destroy him and Glee Club once and for all.

Will: “Do you have any idea how many times you’ve said that?”

He points out that he didn’t betray her – everyone else did! He stood up for her! But it doesn’t matter. It’s time for a Europe-off!

In hair band attire as pyrotechnics go off, Sue and Will rock out (hey, Brad’s there!). It’s a crazy scene, particularly when the kids walk in and find them air-guitaring like maniacs.

Side bar: Everyone’s reaction shots were just glorious, from horror to amusement to jaw-dropped shock. Hilarious.

At lunch, Blaine discusses the possibly psychopathic implications of the air guitar battle between Sue and Will, but that is, as always, the least of their worries. Rachel and Kurt arrive with bad news.

Myron, it seems, has gotten word from his uncle the Superintendent that if NND doesn’t win Sectionals, not only will Glee Club be once again removed from McKinley, all the arts will lose their funding. Oh noes!

Sad faces all around, until Will points out this isn’t the first time they’ve faced this scenario, in school or in life. “Screw it,” says Kurt. They’ve always had to fight for things – this is just the latest.

Will smiles. As badly as he wants to save the arts, his greatest accomplishment are the three people sitting across from him.


They’ll figure it out – as soon as they decide on costumes for the biggest competition of their life…

Blaine, well. He might have solved that.

Back to the auditorium, where Kurt and Rachel sit and watch the NND + Warblers take the stage. This time they’re all dressed alike – white shirts, red and gray plaid ties, black pants/skirts, and loafers. How cute! They’re singing “Rise” by Glee’s own Darren Criss and things are about to get hopelessly sweet and anthem-y in here.

The song is about rising up – together – and it’s the perfect emotional montage about how these two clubs are viewing each other. They each need something, and they can reach out a hand to bind their groups together. They dance separately then together, moving in and out of formation. In the middle of the song, Blaine appears with a rack of red blazers! Genius! A combination of the Dalton traditions but reimagined in McKinley colors.

Side bar: If you catch a close up of the crest, it’s music notes and a giant treble, which if you remember, was Finn’s superhero during Dynamic Duets. Annnnd Kleenex!

This is a great song, that not only perfectly fits the moment and the story but also pads the resume of Darren Criss. Chances are we’re not only going to hear his voice in the future (radio, stage, whatever) but also his work being sung by other artists. Write another musical, please!

Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine watched delightedly from the audience, group hugging as the kids hit the final note. Optimism!

Whew. I don’t like checking the calendar and seeing only three episodes left. It’s going to be a hard goodbye but our chickens are in a row, and the only thing now is to pull the string on the final chapter of the story. What are the final resolutions of the characters and the fate of McKinley?

I don’t see any surprises in the future but I do see satisfaction.

The Hurt Locker Burns! Where will Sue go if VA doesn't win?

The Hurt Locker Burns! Where will Sue go if VA doesn’t win?

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: The reaction shots of the kids after witnessing the horror of Sue and Will doing air guitar. I wouldn’t be able to sleep…

What made me sniffle: “Rise” was absolutely beautiful. The happy faces and the jackets that blend together Dalton, McKinley, and even Finn were perfection.

What made me side-eye: Nothing. Not a thing. Seriously.

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Rise” and “Far From Over.” The first because it’s exceptional and the latter because damn, that’s a song that makes you want to slap on leg warmers and dance!

What I’m looking forward to next week: Sectionals!!!!



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