Glee S6 Ep10 “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester”

Back at the McKinley lunch room, Rachel is telling Blaine, Sam, and Mercedes about her conversation with Carmen. Despite being thrown out of the office, Rachel feels like she still has a chance of getting back in! No one seems to believe her conviction on this.

Sam: “I always thought NYADA was a school for witches.”

Blaine: “If you remember, I got cut from NYADA. Madam Tibideaux did it herself.”

Sam: “With a knife? Because she wanted your blood for potions?”

Blaine: “No. Because she’s not a witch.”

Side bar: I think Sam is onto something! It’s the most logical explanation! Maybe she burned down Gay Hogwarts!

Everyone is casting doubtful looks at each other while Rachel rambles on about Carmen being momentarily moved, which is why she’s writing her this letter with all her humiliations and good reviews in one place!

Mercedes tries to be the voice of reason when Rachel gets a phone call. Remember that Russell Simmons’ musical she auditioned for? She got the part! So hey, maybe they were right! She doesn’t need to go back to school!

What will Rachel decide?!

What will Rachel decide?!

She runs to tell Kurt while Sam wears a face of “not being happy at ALL.”

Back at the auditorium, “special adviser I’m just here to help” Will is leading rehearsal while everyone else watches. Uh HUH. His choreography is easily followed by the Warblers while NND flounders, which in turn pisses off Replacement!Blaine because hello, totes easy.

Will tries a “we’re a team” speech which is quickly cut off by Jane, who points out they’re wearing blazers from a different school. Kurt, Blaine, and Rachel get into the convo (Kurt is no blazer, Blaine is like “but everyone would look good in one!”); clearly there is absolutely no common ground at the moment.

Replacement!Blaine: (on blazers) “It elevates anyone who wears it to sex symbol status.”


Myron: “I’ll take one!”

The blazers seem to be getting the vote down and Mr. Schue tells them they have to go when Replacement!Blaine gets serious.

These are the last link to a school and a glee club they loved. McKinley wasn’t a choice – their school burned down. And while they’re grateful, they’re not going to let go of their tribute to what they’ve lost.

The discussion is tabled when Sheldon shows up. Bad news, punkins.

Sue is the new coach of Vocal Adrenalin.

Scary music please!

The Evil Clint (Max George) and the rest of the autobots don’t look too impressed with Never Coaching/Hating Show Choir Sue Sylvester, but she doesn’t give a flying monkey. If they can survive Barftron 200, then and only then will they be worthy of her taking the job and using them to crush NND.

What is Barftron 200? Five continuous hours of a workout designed for maximum nausea, all the melodic stylings of Frank Stallone’s (yes, that’s his brother) legendary “Far From Over.” (From the movie Stayin’ Alive)

Sue yells insults through her bullhorn as she works VA into a sweaty mess; we also see her burning the contents of her Hurt Locker, including a tiny crocheted Sue in her McKinley red track suit. She picks the doll out in the end, holding it close but everything else – pom poms and trophies – smolder in the fire.

To the surprise of no one, the near dead autobots fully support Sue as their coach. Head Android Clint welcomes her on board.

Side bar: While this is clearly the only obvious way this storyline would go, Sue’s reluctance to burn the McKinley Sue doll is interesting. Much like Will’s tenure at VA, is this really where Sue’s (tiny black) heart is?

Rachel is freaking out over the costume crisis when Sam finds her in the choir room. She thinks they should tell the kids that they’re wearing the blazers because gosh, the school burned down, and if this will give the Warblers a sense of security…

Side bar: We haven’t seen a ton of Rachel as a teacher, which is a shame but gosh, how nice was that to be her thought process? Rachel has grown so much and tiny glimpses like that, where she’s looked past the girl in front to making everyone (not just the people agreeing with her) comfortable, are really lovely.

Sam tries on a Dalton blazer as he tells her he thinks she should try to go back to school, and not take the Broadway role. Rachel doesn’t agree – it is pathetic! Mercedes is right! Oh hey, the phone…

While Rachel listens, Sam does some Warbler sexy moves behind her. HA. See? It really does turn you into a sex symbol…

Rachel looks shocked. She says “I…I…” before the line disconnects. It appears that due to a sudden turn of events, Carmen says she’s back in NYADA!

Sam is excited but Rachel shuts that down. She’s not going. Going back to NY a winner is what she really wants – not with her tail between her legs. Sam pushes the issue, which makes Rachel mad. Kurt, Blaine, and Mercedes are all glad for her and Sam matters the most – why can’t he be the same?

But Sam thinks she’s wrong. She wanted to go back and have a second chance at doing it right, which is what Carmen is offering her. And if she takes the part, she’ll just be making the same mistakes.

Rachel: “It’s not a mistake. Me going back to my life and who I was is not a mistake.”

Sam goes to Will for advice. In this day and age, it’s crazy not to get a college education! Will points out Sam isn’t going to college but that’s just it! He doesn’t want her to make his mistakes.

Side bar: Ohhhhh. Sam, dear Sam. I know you’re panicking about the future but take a deep breath. Rachel will be okay and so will you.

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