Glee S6 Ep10 “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester”

How could this get worse?! Oh right, Geraldo Rivera, running a special on Sue’s life, on Fox News.

They sit down for an interview, where Geraldo notes Sue’s fall from grace. Sue’s there to set the record straight – but it seems the fact checkers have hit her championship resume and left it in tatters.

It seems Sue wasn’t born in the Panama Canal, nor did she fight in the Falkland Island’s war. Nope also on the Wilson Phillips tambourine playing and dating a host of famous men (Dan Quayle AND David Boreanaz?) And that whole waterboarding thing… The list goes on and on. Is Sue a compulsive liar?

Michael Bolton appears on video saying not only is he not the father of her baby, but he’s never met her! Ohhh, the hits keep coming.

An increasingly irritated Sue goes on a rant about how despite being offered fame, wealth, and Russians, she chose to go to McKinley, where she has devoted her life to helping students. They are her first priority.

Geraldo wears a doubting face, particularly since he’s visited McKinley and talked to some of the students.

Roll the video!

She slashed Artie’s wheel chair tires seventeen times, swapped out Mercedes’ wig glue with mayo, and cut off Joe’s (remember Teen Jesus!?) dreads! Kurt brings up the locker/doll watching them kiss/making noises incident while Blaine says “she puts a live bear in my house.” Rachel offers the whole walking out of Funny Girl/having sex in her apartment episode. Why, asks Geraldo. Artie points out that before Glee Club was created, the Cheerios were the stars of the school and she’s never forgiven them for stealing her thunder.


Sue is furious, blaming Will for being behind the slander and lies. Judas! she yells into the camera. But oh no, the worst is yet to come – it wasn’t Will who exposed her. It was Becky Jackson.

Becky – poet, lover, dreamer – and her boyfriend walk hand in hand over a sun dappled bridge. Oh she was Sue’s supporter and friend, but when she refused to let Gay Blaine and the Warblers join Glee Club, Becky knew it was time to blow the whistle.

And she has a message for the Cheerios – stop being basic bitches! Don’t let Sue control you! Be better and happier, like Becky.

Devastated, Sue is a bit flustered during the commercial break. She thinks they’re off the record but Geraldo is still running. Sue talks about her desire to achieve success by helping others succeed. The world is tough – and she wanted her girls to be tougher. Didn’t he try to get comments from her more successful Cheerios, like Quinn, Brittany, and Santana? Apparently they all declined to appear – and Sue realizes the cameras are still rolling.

Sue gives Geraldo a shirtless selfie smackdown, and insists that before she arrived, McKinley was a cesspool of bullying and she made it a safe zone.

Geraldo admits someone agrees with her – they’re protecting their identity however…

The darkened figure with the altered voice isn’t a big mystery. Sheldon talks about Sue helping him from his abusive marriage and during transition – in fact, when he realizes the lights are out he flips them on. He isn’t going to hide the fact that Sue saved his life.

Touched, Sue seems to gain some of her strength back, but Geraldo is ready when she insists her toughness comes from her parents being Nazi Hunters. Nope, says her mom. Hey, it’s Carol Burnett, returning as Doris. She claims Sue was mean and a biter from birth; they just told her they were Nazi Hunters so they could be away from home a lot.

Doris: “I always knew Susan would be the daughter I just couldn’t love.”

Geraldo repeats the sentiment a few times, until Sue stands up, punches him in the face, kicks him in the side, and walks out.

With the last word, let’s go to Will.

Yes, Sue is mean and makes his life a living hell. But she’s also a born leader who keeps everyone on their toes – which is what he told the Superintendent. He’s gone to bat for her.

Side bar: Sue’s a tough one to label. Is she a crazy liar who belongs in jail? Is she the impetus for the success of Glee Club and the kids? If they didn’t have someone like Sue, throwing lighted barrels of waste in their path, would they have worked so hard? Would Will have given up and gone back to New York during season one?

Interesting to contemplate Glee life without Sue Sylvester. We may not like her but did we need her?

Musical theatre cannot save Sue's soul - no wonder she's miserable.

Musical theatre cannot save Sue’s soul – no wonder she’s miserable.

Sue sits dejectedly on the stage as the band plays a dirge. As they leave, Doris appears, having apparently set up the meeting to talk to her daughter.

Doris isn’t apologetic about the lie (Nazi Hunters, when they were actually in AR at Ma Bell) or the fact that she never loved her offspring. Fortunately Sue has spent the weekend at an Oprah retreat and knows that relationships are a two-way street. She knows she wasn’t an easy kid – her earliest memory is trying to set her mother on fire, after all.

She’s sorry for the booby traps. And the biting.

And her mother is sorry. Doris loved the old movie musicals and that was the life she wanted for her daughter but Sue had no interest.

Sue: “I’m sorry but why do people just burst into song? How does everyone know the lyrics?”

There are apologies, finally. Doris hopes Sue gets over her anger eventually and some day they can have a cup of coffee, if not as mother and daughter than as friends.

Then there’s an intro to the “The Trolley Song” from Meet Me in St. Louis that makes no sense in context but hey, Jane Lynch and Carol Burnett are singing “The Trolley Song,” so shhhhh.

After the final note, they awkwardly hug and promise it will never happen again.


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