Glee S6 Ep10 “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester”

We’re into the final handful of Fox’s Glee as they wrap up their six-season run. “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester” is both recap, trial, and judgement on the divisive Coach/Principal Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). Is she a champion of her students? Is she a dangerous egomaniac? Is she a hologram projected to McKinley from a distant planet?

The “Here’s What You Missed on Glee” bit is simply a compilation of Sue threatening to destroy the Glee Club, and we know from experience that the ultimate truth about Sue is this: she will never succeed in achieving her life’s goal. Because Glee Club will always survive.

Is that a spoiler? I don’t think so.

We kick off with a delightful rendition of “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne by the New New Directions. They are cute and supportive and peppy as Mr. Schue looks on. In the middle, a desolate Blaine and Kurt walk in and sit in some seats, barely paying attention.

Kurt and Blaine don’t even clap! All of this is not noticed by Will, who asks the pair for notes. None forthcoming, he finally asks what’s up. (Way to be observant, William!) It seems that Dalton Academy has burned to the ground! It’s gone, Blaine says sadly.

A moment of silence for Gay Hogwarts.

Thank you.

Time for an emergency Glee Club meeting! A handful of Warblers (Replacement!Blaine, Gay!Warbler, SuperGay!Warbler, and thankfully, all the really good dancers) stand with Blaine and Kurt as Will announces it’s time to put aside their differences and do what needs to be done.

Form A ShowChoir SuperGroup!!

Jane’s got an angry face like whoa. She’s clearly holding a grudge for them not voting her into the Warblers after she knocked them down with “Tightrope.”

Kitty wants to know where Rachel is. Will informs her that she’s in NY handling personal business, but that she’s totally on board, which apparently makes everyone (except Jane) okee dokee with the Warblers joining them.

Blaine and Will make nice words about coming together and winning Nationals, and everyone (except Jane) is hand shaking and high fiving when Sue blows in on her broom.

Sue: “Glee Club is hosting the Lima Gay Men’s Choir.”

SuperGay!Wabler: (removes shoe to throw) “Oh no she didn’t.”

When Sue hears that these Warblers are now at McKinley and part of NND, she balks but not as much as when Will utters the words, “I cleared it with the Superintendent.”

Oh no he didn’t.

Sue invokes the name “Mitch McConnell” and then she and Will get into a “leave, stay” back and forth which confuses the Warblers. (“There’s a chance we won’t be rehearsing today,” Kitty tells one of them.)

Sue signals that Doomsday has arrived and Will calls her Susie Q. Which is apparently a chink in her armor. If only he’d figured that out six years ago!

Principal Sylvester can’t catch a break. Her one loyal confidante, Becky Jackson, is furious at her refusal to let the Warblers come to McKinley, since their school burned down. Sue doesn’t understand her anger – which is translated by supportive Cute Boyfriend, flipping through a magazine – and while it’s a gag, it’s also intriguing. Sue is the one person who has always understood Becky – until now, when suddenly she can’t hear her anger and disappointment.

Becky has shoplifted, perjured, and lied for Sue – but somehow, denying kids whose school burned down is her moral limit. She declares they are no longer friends and runs away. Sue accuses the Cute Boyfriend of turning Becky against him, but he points out that she did that herself.

Side note: I continue to remain delighted that Becky’s boyfriend is the real damn deal who treats her better than anyone else ever has – including Sue. When Becky gets a backbone, Sue can’t hear her. But he can. Applause.

Rachel’s in the hallowed halls (Boooooo!) of NYADA, ready to ask Carmen Tibideaux for a second chance at school. She’s been through the fire and even if Carmen laughs at her, she’s okay. She can do this.

The secretary calls her in, taking delight in the fact that this will be “brief” and Carmen’s been looking forward to it.

Uh oh.

Sue is also called into a meeting. Freshly lipsticked, she walks into the Superintendent’s office with a smile, only to find Will already sitting there. Things are pretty serious, judging from the Superintendent’s tone, and Sue is caught off guard. She wants to clear up any misunderstandings, of course.

The Superintendent has been shown her Hurt Locker.

Dun dun dun!

Talking to an unknown person, we see him navigating the craziness with a shocked face. It’s awful, particularly when he finds a baby doll wearing a picture face of his own nephew Myron! He’s just a kid! An innocent bystander! Who loves sequins too much!

The organ plays and the Klaine Shrine is revealed.

Superintendent: “I am all for young love but this is wrong.”

Sidebar: Christopher Cousins is quite delightful as the Superintendent, part straight man and part dead pan. He’s done a lot with a small role.

Sue is glaring at Will but it’s clear he’s completey shocked.

All of the Hurt Locker was bad but what the Superintendent saw next sealed Sue’s fate. Yes, that’s right. Her Penthouse spread…

Sue defends herself. She’s done great work as an educator and whatever her recreational activities, they’ve only served to “stoke her embers.”

Nope, sorry. Between the vendetta locker and the porn – Sue is fired.

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