Black Sails, S2 E7- XV

Black Sails S2E7- "XV"

We pick up right where we left off in the newest episode of Black Sails: Eleanor and Abigail in her cell. Abigail takes a trip down memory lane via Miranda Hamilton’s letter, and remembers the lovely moments she had with her. It’s clear that Abigail trusts her dearly. What she is uncertain of is soon being in the hands of James Flint. Abigail knows all about his evil ways and just knows he’s going to do something horrible to her. Eleanor tries to reassure her that Flint is an overall good guy, and by going this route she will be returned safer and quicker than by staying here in Nassau. I would take this offer if I were you, Abs.

Black Sails S2E7- "XV"

The only thing you’re getting, Hornigold, is a “You Tried” sticker.

The rest of Flint’s night isn’t as grand as one might think. For starters, Hornigold insists on trying to be captain because he wants his fort back. The crew members seem to be taking his side, until it’s announced (thanks to the men that were spying on the gold) that the Urca gold is gone. No one’s even interested in Hornigold’s proposal at this point; they’re too busy crying in a corner about not having any fortune. Silver ends up calming the lot down by explaining that the fight isn’t over yet. For someone that’s so anti-pirate life, he would make a great captain.

Over at the Inn with MaxAnne, Anne is clearly still in a state after her killings. She’s nestled into bed and looking back at the memories of when Jack and her first met. She was only 13. She feels that now, she missed out on so many opportunities because she was with Jack. I can see why she’d say this, but if it weren’t for Jack, she never would have met Max. Speaking of whom, Max soothes her the best she can and advises that she not brood over past memories. As Max begins heading downstairs, she is interrupted by Idelle. Idelle warns Max that many of the girls are scared out of their wits over what happened to Charlotte and want Anne gone. Max plays good cop/bad cop with her. Bad Cop: Anne is staying, whether they like it or not. If anyone says otherwise they are welcome to leave or die (Jessica Parker Kennedy said it much more ruthlessly than my paraphrasing, I promise). Good Cop: But if anyone would like to talk about this, they can always come to Max.

Downstairs, Max gives her soup and hurries off to do business but assures Anne she’ll return shortly. In her absence, Anne gets mistaken for a prostitute. She’s almost in the midst of doing it with the guy (his name’s Jacob if you’re wondering), when Idelle saves the day. Well more likely, gains a client and saves Anne from doing something she’d regret. Once Anne has vacated the room, all she can muster to do is just stand by the door, completely emotionless. Ever the protector, Max sees her and comforts her. This entire scene, while it may seem short based on my writing of it, took place for about ten minutes. While the show is an hour long (roughly 50-57 minutes each episode), I love that this show slows things down and takes its time conveying certain story-lines or emotions when needed to. I really got a sense of Anne’s emotional struggles with the way the camera slightly jerked and the long close up shots on her face, etc. (I apologize for the terrible describing just then. I’m not hip with the film lingo).

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