Broadchurch – Season 2, Episode 1

The series two premiere of Broadchurch hit the ground running with a not guilty plea by Joe Miller. As the realization of what was to come splintered through the community of Broadchurch, Detective Alec Hardy seemed to be preoccupied by his pretty brunette stowed away in a country house under witness protection.

Eve Myles comes into play as a key witness from the failed Sandbrook trial that Hardy’s wife ruined through her affair. Whereas James D’Arcy is her husband, the man who supposedly killed Pippa Gillespie is back in town stirring up trouble. But Claire seems like she might be a spitfire of her own, changing her story of where Lee was the night the girls went mission from proclaiming her husband was by her side to revealing the fact that she was actually at a friend’s house. Whatever the case may be, Hardy sure has some odd sense of duty to Claire shacking her up in a country side home and forcing his hand into the Broadchurch job that was meant for Miller.

Despite Miller’s protest over her stolen job Hardy convinces Miller to stay for a random sleepover at the country cottage, begging her for help as he prepares to dangle Claire in order to get to Lee and find out what happened to the Sandbrook girls. Their grand little sleepover leads to a mysterious bluebell, which with Hardy’s dreams of bluebells and the ominous views in the season two trailer, can only mean one thing: Bad news.

This season kicks off with an overload of strong independent women. Sharon Bishop hits Joe’s case hard warning him to knock off his crap and keep his mouth closed so she can get him off. Bishop proves that she is willing to do what it takes in order to win Joe’s freedom exhuming the body as a way to rattle the family. When her ploy works and everyone arrives, Beth’s outburst is aimed at Ellie rather than at Joe’s lawyers, pitting the longtime friends against each other more.

As if that wasn’t enough Beth also has to deal with Mark’s secretiveness still. As if the affair he had last season wasn’t enough. God knows what he’s up to as he meets with Ellie and Joe’s son at the abandoned caravan playing video games and lying to everyone about where he really is. I guess it’s only creepy when you think about the fact that Joe did the exact same thing with Danny before he killed him. One can only hope that Mark doesn’t have some sick sense of justice milling about in his head.

What do you all think of the first Broadchurch episode? Did it fill the huge hole in your heart left by the first season finale? Let us know in the comments below. Especially as we look forward to the next episode where Lee Ashworth fights to see his wife and Beth goes into labor. Only Chibnall knows where this season will end up.