Glee S6 Ep9 “Child Star”

Their fight is interrupted by Superintendent Harris, who tells them it’s show time!

Alistair is playing a ukulele while wearing a beanie and a scarf, because he’s sensitive. He’s doing this while sitting on the piano in the choir room, where Spencer finds him. It appears that Roderick has a) invited Alistair to the Bar Mitzvah to see Spencer and b) put in a good word for him. And Alistair would like to apologize for ignoring him. Because he’s totally hot and might actually be a nice person on the inside.


Spencer asks him to join Glee Club then kisses him, which is how real men do things around McKinley.

I think that brings us closer to the twelve people needed in two weeks for Sectionals!

It’s time for Myron’s big number. “Break Free” by Ariana Grande is started off by Rachel, then Myron is dropped on stage in his yellow box and picks up the lead. Hey, Sheldon gets a verse! And everyone dances in their character-appropriate sparkly blue costumes. Glitter and ribbons fall from the sky! Myron is a hit.

Back at school, Roderick and Spencer share a nice moment about protein shakes, organic chicken, and positively having a dude’s back. Roderick is working out and eating better thanks to Spencer – and Spencer has a boyfriend who makes him all fluttery nervous. Everyone wins!

Spencer: “I really like him, I hope I don’t screw it up.”

Roderick: “Yeah, I hope you don’t either.”

Oh thank God, Roderick is still slyly snarky.

Sue brings Myron into Rachel and Will’s office to announce that thanks to string pulling and Superintendent Harris, the young man is now a McKinley High student and would like to join the Glee Club! Who saw that coming?!

Will is delighted. The Glee Club just got a highly talented member who’s related to a school board member – basically a tiny insane insurance policy. Sue’s discomfort is basically Schue’s Christmas at this point.

Sue declares war on Glee and Will and blah blah. She voice overs down the hall, attacking various children and once again vowing to destroy the Glee Club and blah blah blah. At this point, I am Will’s expression of bemusement.

She ends up in her hurt locker, telling us that she’s going to spend the last few weeks of her professional career (wait, what?) ruining Glee Club or die trying.

Side bar: At this point they can run any one of Sue’s declarations to destroy Will and Glee because they’re all the same and they always fail.

Myron hits on Kitty in the hallway which she “hard no’s” but if he’s willing to keep slipping her twenties, he’ll always have a friend. And that might be the greatest plot line about friendship ever told.

Rachel is quite pleased how everything turned out. They’re up to eight members and it feels like the New New Directions’ luck might have changed.

Will and Rachel have a nice heart-to-heart in which they agree they’ve changed each other’s lives. Then they head for the auditorium for the traditional matching shirts group number of Echosmith’s “Cool Kids.”

There’s a bit of couple dancing/duet moments then friends then just a happy group of dancing and singing. Green-shirted cuteness all around, much to the delight of Rachel and Will.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this episode. With just three episodes left after this, it felt like a weirdly unemotional filler episode. While some of these new kids really stand out (Samantha Marie Ware, Noah Guthrie, and Billy Lewis Jr.), the others are better in small doses. The precocious kid bit is so overdone already and the whiny, stomp-y rude, and pervy version wasn’t exactly a highlight – but props to J.J. Totah for having a killer voice.

Maybe it would have played better if Rachel had seemed more of a teacher in “Child Star?” Or a mentor? This season is Rachel’s journey to self-discovery, and while it’s a running joke about her making the lessons about her, the lessons are supposed to be about her! It’s her story.

And finally, Sue is going to lose. There’s no tension, there’s no need to pay her mind. Will’s “whatever dude” expression is my feeling on this matter.

So my feeling is: bring on Sectionals!

Will has become immune to Sue's threats and so has the audience.

Will has become immune to Sue’s threats and so has the audience.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Lea Michele wins at reaction shots this season: she’s hilarious. Roderick saying dick was a weirdly enjoyable highlight.

What made me sniffle: I missed Kurt?

What made me side-eye: That this entire episode happened?

What I’m listening to on repeat: Billy Lewis Jr. wins this week. “I Want to Break Free” was fabulous.

What I’m looking forward to next week: I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen the promo but you guys, you GUYS.



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