Black Sails, S2 E6- XIV

Black Sails S2E6- "XIV"

In the Consortium Room (aka the upstairs room where Flint, Miranda, and Mr. Guthrie are), Flint guesses that Miranda was the one that got Eleanor and her rifle upstairs to break up the fight. Correct. As Miranda and Flint are imagining their better lives in Nassau self-governed, Mr. Guthrie ruins it by giving them a reality check. How can the Peter Ash plan work with the Urca gold plan? Flint replies that he’ll sort both plans out, no one need worry. Moments later, Eleanor enters with the news that Vane will back down and agree to the deal. Flint is all, “How persuasive were you?” Let’s face it, Vane is a puppy dog and Eleanor a ferocious lion.

Black Sails S2E6- "XIV"

It’s the mullet and weird sideburns, isn’t it?

Out in the ocean, Jack’s first day sailing continues to not go as he thought. The captain of the interfering ship, Linus Harcourt, wants to make a deal with Jack and his crew over the other captured ship. They can either fight this out (just the crew or the captains) or they sit down like gentlemen and separate the loot (semi) evenly. I’m just going to summarize what goes down. Jack chooses option number 2 and at first gets completely wrecked from the captain. But he steps up his game and manages to accidentally murder the guy. Whoops. But it’s all good because the captured crew members of the ship have been set free thanks to Jack, and are welcome to join them. Any of Linus’ crew members are welcome to negotiate supplies with him, and someone does! Yippie! Jack is proving himself a worthy captain yet.

The same can’t exactly be said for Jack’s lover, Anne. She’s a complete mess. There she is sitting in the dark like the loner that she feels she is when she notices Charlotte walking down the stairs after doing her job (sleeping with one of the Walrus’ crew mates). Anne orders (more like growls) she give her the information he relayed to her. Scared out of her mind, Charlotte tells Anne that the Urca gold is still out there, she just doesn’t know where. Dying for more information, Anne storms into the room where the Walrus crew member is. After harsh words don’t work, she decides to use her sword as a persuasive tool. She ends up killing the poor guy via a slit throat. Charlotte enters, panicking at what has just happened. Anne must have still been in a killing mood, because she stabs Charlotte several times. Thanks Black Sails writers, just when I was beginning to like her.

First, cute note with Flint. Miranda Barlow makes it known that she wants to travel with him to London to return Abigail home. Flint is actually okay with this idea. While I’m still on my “Flint is queer” high, I do admire their relationship, history and all. It seems they’ve always been there for one another, even though half the time Flint doesn’t show it. Later, Silver tracks down Flint and explains that Billy’s alive (because he’s been too preoccupied with Vane to notice), and what that means for his leadership. Flint doesn’t have anything to worry about though, because Billy states that Flint tried to save him, not kill him in the first place. Good, that’s what I like to hear. Once Flint and Billy finally meet, the two bear hug it out and it’s adorable. I don’t think people give Flint enough credit; I feel that he loves each of his crew members dearly, he just doesn’t show it that easily (well, except with Hamilton).

Concluding Anne’s murderous tirades, Max finds out about Anne’s murders thanks to Idelle. Max enters the room, sees the bodies, and then spots Anne in the shadows once again. She’s clearly horrified by what she’s done. Ever the patient person with Anne, Max isn’t angry with her. In fact she knows exactly why she did it (the answer isn’t because she didn’t get on a crew). She states she will be here for Anne no matter what and will protect her through thick and thin. I think we can all agree that we want Max as a best friend or girlfriend. Later, Silver meets with Max to talk about Logan (now dead Walrus crew member). I feel like this is also Jessica Parker Kennedy and Luke Arnold’s first scene together. Isn’t it funny how people can be on a show for seasons and have hardly any scenes with certain actors. Anyway, Silver finds out what happens to Logan and the two come up with a story to tell everyone about the deceased’s whereabouts. Logan and Charlotte fell in love and ran away, okay everyone?

Eleanor visits Vane in his Fort (that makes it seem like he’s 12), and he has some kind words for him. She wants the two of them to try and earn money the way England earns money. She wants legitimacy and everything that goes with it. Vane sees her point, but wants it to be a “sure thing”. Not just a possibility by using Flint’s idea. The two shag it out; ’cause that’s what you do when you both passionately agree on something, I guess. But the episode doesn’t end there. While Vane is sound asleep, Eleanor sneaks into Abigail’s cell and sets her free as a hostage. Eleanor is going to help her reunite her with her father.

What did you guys think of 2.06: “XIV”?

The next episode, 2.07: “XV” airs Saturday at 9/8c on Starz. The trailer can be viewed below.

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