Black Sails, S2 E6- XIV

Black Sails S2E6- "XIV"

It’s quiet in the beginning of this episode. Too quiet, in fact. Oh no, it’s okay, a millisecond later we see that Vane and Flint are still thrashing around on the floor (and not in the good way). It’s a fight to the death for them, it seems. This is a fine example of why fighting of the physical kind never solves anything. Eleanor seems to agree with me. She storms in, rifle in hand, and fires it. She insists they stop fighting and instead use their words. Once seated, Flint informs Vane that all of this will end if he gives him Abigail. Vane and Eleanor are shocked that he’d back down so easily for money. But oh no guys, you don’t know what Abigail represents to Flint. Abigail is worth so much more than silly ransom money to him.

Black Sails S2E6- "XIV"

Ship Guy: “Do you even know what you’re doing?”
Jack: “I could ask you the same question.”

Jack and his crew seem to have set sail earlier then I expected. Bravo! They’re away from all the Vane/Flint business now. Smart thinking. Also, thanks to Max’s lead, they’ve found a ship right where she said it’d be. Only one slight problem: another unannounced ship enters the picture, too. Uh-oh.

While Flint’s crew is freaking out about Billy Bones’ return (just when they were starting to get antsy), Flint, Eleanor, Vane and company are trying to sort out their ongoing issues. Flint and Mrs. Barlow explain the real reason James Flint was even interested in Nassau in the first place. He feels the entire island could be self-governed. And he wasn’t alone in that regard. Back in the day, Lord Ash thought so too. Eleanor points out that Peter Ash is the biggest pirate hater of them all now, he’s practically changing his last name to ‘Pan’. But Flint just knows that if he brings Abigail to her, he’ll side with him. You better hope so dude.

Vane isn’t into all this. “What’s in it for me?” he adds. He’s got a point there. He wants the Spanish ship or all of this is a no deal. That’s easier said than done, since that ship also belongs to Flint’s crew. Eleanor tries to reason with him, but it’s no use. I love how this show doesn’t typecast a character as strictly good or evil. We’re all human beings and we all have tendencies to act different ways. Vane’s just looking out for himself and making sure that he doesn’t get stepped on. I can see where he’s coming from.

Black Sails S2E6- "XIV"

Max, the original Bo$$

At the inn, Max is organizing the many leads she has (how very Spencer Hastings of you) for Jack when Idelle interrupts. She asks if Max has spoken to Anne in the past few days. Well that and why the hell Max is just sitting there when she should be hiding from her lady love. Remember last episode when Jack kicked Anne off the crew and she stormed off? Yeah, she’s not doing to well. Idelle informs Max that Anne asked to join another man’s crew, but when he said no, she destroyed half his jaw! It’s then Max makes Idelle see Anne’s perspective. If you were just betrayed by the man that loved you, how would you react? Anne is not insane, she’s just adrift. Broken, hurt, and confused. Max welcomes Anne to come to her, she’s not afraid; no one else should be either. *slow claps*

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