Parks and Recreation S7 E10, “The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show”

Now that we’ve covered the Johnny Karate series finale, let’s talk about the commercials.

  1. A commercial for Ron Swanson’s building and development company, Very Good. He’s not a beggar, so the commercial is mostly him sitting in silence and staring at the camera – literally. There are ten seconds of silence.
  2. Ken Hotate for Wamapoke Casino: Slowly taking our money back from white people one quarter at a time.
  3. Paunch Burger: Healthy food is for suckers. The dinner-for-breakfast burger combo with too many calories to count. Put it in your body or you’re a nerd!
  4. The Mouse Rat Rocumentary
  5. The new merger between Verizon, Exxon, and Chipotle (Verxxotle) – creating one of America’s eight companies. I thought it was a real commercial for much longer than I was willing to admit.

This was an especially fun episode of Parks and Rec because it was totally new and original. We’ve seen a few peeks at what the Johnny Karate Show involves, but we’ve never seen a full episode before. Plus, it provided a perfect send-off to the characters and the show (remember, there’s only two episodes left after this one!).

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 3.57.41 PMThe TV show was all kinds of crazy and fun, which is exactly what you’d expect from something that came from Andy’s imagination. The commercials were hilarious, and the cameos made the tribute to Andy all the better. Everything about the Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show is perfect. The theme song (“it’s time to punch boredom in its stupid face!”), the adorable studio audience, the black and white film noir vibe that Macklin has in his office, his friends’ segments – none of those things would be allowed on an actual children’s show, but this is Pawnee, so there are no rules. Some other highlights of the episode: the disclaimer about Loose Animal in the Studio (I mean, really, leave it to April to bring an incredibly dangerous animal to a kids show, and Andy to lose it. Of course they had a disclaimer segment), and the heartfelt beginning of the letter Garry wrote to Andy declaring him like a son to the older, bumbling man.

Perhaps the best part of this episode, however, was Johnny’s attempt to make someone happy. April’s worries about uprooting her and Andy’s life are totally valid, and she had a right to be scared. But Andy’s genuine comfort is exactly what she needs. Knowing that he supports her 100% and seeing the love and trust that those two share is so heartwarming and inspiring.

Quotable Moments:

Welcome to the only show that’s all about learning, music, animals, fireworks, waterskis, and above all, ice cream, pizza, ninjas, getting stronger, sharks versus bears, and above all, karate!”

I’m drowning in the adult end of the pool while the life guard’s off in the bathroom pooping.” – the deep wisdom of Johnny Karate

It’s this crazy statue of this giant monster sitting on a chair that represents all of America’s enemies” – Andy on The Lincoln Memorial

Phenomenon means ‘to explore a cave.’” – We never said the show was actually educational

I was super wasted!”
“It’s a kids show.”
I did say that none of this would ever make the cut for a real kids show, didn’t I?

Andy, I am here in this weird, flat place…” – Indiana’s new motto

Just a few last thoughts and notes to wrap this episode up. In the Johnny Karate opening credits, we saw Leslie and Johnny helping a little girl on a bike. Could that have been one of the triplets? Anyone else wondering if Leslie and Ben’s triplets were in the audience?

Also, this marks three episodes in a row without Tom. Where do you think he’s been hiding all this time?

Episode 11 “Two Funerals” coming soon!

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