Glee S6 Ep8 “A Wedding”

And now, let’s bring the room down a bit. Kurt and Blaine extend thanks to their friends and family for showing by example that real life is worth waiting for, and fighting for.  They would like to dedicate the next song to all the couples in the room…

“Our Day Will Come” by Ruby and the Romantics is a sweet choice, with the lyrics neatly fitting both these love stories. Brittany and Santana, and Kurt and Blaine invite couples to dance as they serenade their guests and each other.

There’s a lovely moment when Rachel and Sam hesitate to dance together, but Rachel spies Carol and Burt across the floor, smiling encouragingly. Sam leads a grateful Rachel out and they begin to dance.

What a lovely way to acknowledge the bittersweet feeling for the Hudson-Hummels and Rachel, of missing Finn and moving on. Nicely done, Glee.

Side bar: A drunk Pam Anderson, being held up by a chivalrous Puck during the dance, was a hilarious bit that didn’t need a spotlight. While it would have been nice to have some interaction between Blaine and his mom, we got a glimpse as to why Blaine is Blaine (and Cooper is Cooper)!

A few days later, Tina and Artie meet for a delightful lunch in the choir room, a throw back to their high school days. They banter about the reasons they broke up and Artie cautions his friend to stop worrying so much – she’s a great person and she just needs to be open to finding the right person, not forcing it. And if they’re not paired up by thirty, they’ll marry each other! Tina happily accepts his proposal “to be his back up fiance” and they toast to “Tartie.” Or “Artina” – they’ll figure it out later.

Side bar: Adorable. I can’t decide if I want them to find their true loves before thirty or not because heck yes, they’d be a lovely pair.

In the auditorium, the Hummel-Anderson and the Pierce-Lopez’s await Sue’s entrance. They appreciate all her machinations which got them happily to the altar but…what does she want?

Turns out Sue has one more gift for her “legacy couples.”

Sue: “Don’t worry, it’s not a song. Or a minority choir.”

She wants them to know that despite their complicated relationship with her, she’s come to see them as her kids. So…they each get a glittery envelope with their surprise honeymoon destinations inside!

The Ander-Hummels are going to Provincetown for the weekend, to stay in Andrew Sullivan’s beach house!

Congratulations Brittana! Have fun with Wonder Woman!

Congratulations Brittana! Have fun with Wonder Woman!

The Lopez-Pierces are going to…a month long all expense paid trip to Paradise Island! Probably the resort but who knows, it might be where Wonder Woman was born. Magic lassoes for everyone!

Sue: “I need to come up with some more shipper fodder. Puckcedes? Faberry? I can’t get enough of those lesbians.”

Side bar: Kurt and Blaine’s runner-up faces are hilarious.

Bye Brittany and Santana! Thank you for the memories, the laughs, the tears, and we wish you many years of happiness on your forever “Fondue for Two.”

Hand in hand, arm in arm, the two couples make their way out of the auditorium. Brittany is super stoked to realize they’ll have the same anniversary forever! They should totally make a pact to celebrate together every year! Kurt suggests every five years – but they’ll totally Skype.

The future looks bright for all the Glee Legacy Couples; the nod to Finchel was poignant and necessary and made the message of holding onto love bittersweet. Nicely done. For fans of these two couples, it’s been a long and difficult road, but hey, you made it. You got what some other fandoms can only dream of: happy endings without an asterisk or ambiguity. We know they’ve jumped through all the hoops, slogged through the low points, and climbed into the sun – they’re good. And when the curtain comes down permanently in a few weeks, their fans can rest assured they live on in the mythical world of their imagination.

Damn, this branch.


We made it kids.

We made it, kids.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Everything that didn’t make me cry.

What made me sniffle: Everything that didn’t make me laugh. Santana’s reconciliation with her grandmother, the vows, the expressions on the brides and grooms’ faces. So much.

What made me side-eye: It was cracky madness and while there might be quibbles with how the pacing went, I can’t fault any episode that left me sniffling into a handful of tissues.

What I’m listening to on repeat: “At Last” is gorgeous and that version should be a wedding staple.

What I’m looking forward to next week: Will and Rachel run Glee club and deal with the newbies!



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