Glee S6 Ep8 “A Wedding”

Our first song of the episode! That’s so weird…

Amber Riley and Kevin McHale get their soul on to the classic “At Last” by Etta James, the perfect song to walk down the aisle to. They sound gorgeous together and are the perfect accompaniment for the confused but delighted faces that abound as Kurt walks down the aisle with Brittany.

Oh hey, I guess we know what the boys decided to do.

The wedding party exchanges glances, the guests whisper, and everything becomes quite apparent when Blaine and Santana follow.

Fortunately Pierce Pierce is in the bathroom and not hurt because he’s not walking anyone down the aisle. The moms – also fortunately – take it all in stride, getting all teary as their kids only have eyes for each other.

How lucky Papa Hummel is there to perform the ceremony!

He tells Kurt he’s barely holding it together but his speechifying is lovely and heartfelt. Burt met the love of his life – twice. And got married – twice. Never realizing how lucky he was until he had to drive over the state line to officiate this wedding.

After thanking the couples for having the courage to remind them all that marriage can be so much bigger than we thought, Burt lets this little gem fly: Marriage is two people saying I love you because I love you and it’s going to be one heck of a ride, but I don’t want to do it unless I can do it with you.

I won’t transcribe the vows here but needless to say, the writers crafted personalized and lovely bits for each couple; the lost and scared kids who felt so alone, meeting their perfect match, and understanding that even with no guarantees they would still choose to be together.

“I’m a work in progress” they all say, and it’s at that moment we see how much these four have grown up in the past few years. Kurt says it’s time for them to walk into the sunshine together; they each say I Do, exchange rings, and so are declared (by Burt Hummel, the Internet, and God, which seems so very fitting) wife and wife, and husband and husband.

Papa Hummel now pronounces you OTPs for life!

Papa Hummel now pronounces you OTPs for life!

Now everybody kiss so we can cry in peace.

The moms blow kisses, doves fly, and the bestest double wedding on television can move on to the dancing!

Pierce Pierce returns from the bathroom in time to give the toast (not a toaster – which is good because Target is closed). It starts out lovely – he’s so happy she and Santana found each other, she’s beautiful…more beautiful than anyone in the room. By a long shot. Then it gets awkward, a moment thankfully made even more embarrassing by Whitney coming up to drag him off. Also, watch the candles or else we could all go up in smoke!

Let’s eat!

One second, we pause for a bit of meta in the form of everyone’s gift. A lovely baseball cap with an embroidered “OTP” across the front. In case you are basic and don’t know, that means One True Pairing. Here’s hoping the rest of the guests find their other half, and create Internet sensations, fights, and fan art. Bless!

Now for the love of God, someone sing.

Thank you Artie!

Screw dinner, let’s get on the dance floor and boogie, as Artie and Company break out Outkast’s “Hey Ya,” which allows two very important dance things to happen: a moment of Brittany and Mike, and then some of Britt and the Cheerios, all strutting their impressive stuff. Marvelous. And I have to hand it to the Wedding Planner – way to get two songs in, bro!

Meanwhile, back in the dressing room, Tina makes her big move. She declares her love for Mike then nervously gets down on one knee to reveal her ring and proposal – will he marry her?

Mike looked stunned and then gently turns her down. Tina is so upset but Mike remains one of the nicest humans ever, calling her smart and sexy and declaring that while he loves her, they can’t jump into this. Who knows what the future holds? He kisses her tenderly and proposes…they dance. She accepts and they head out, their future not stamped in concrete but still full of potential.

Side bar: For Tike fans, this was a lovely little moment. Maybe they are meant to be somewhere down the road, or maybe Mike will always be Tina’s sweet story of her first love, who made everything so special. Good luck guys, I think you’ll both be okay.

They walk back into the reception, where Tina shakes her head at Artie. Another wedding no-go.

And because this is Glee, and they are the moms of Brittany, Santana, Kurt, and Blaine, a little number was “whipped up” – yes, these four strangers have come together, somehow found matching outfits, and will now sing a song. What’s that? Mercedes and Sugar and the brides learned the number too? Oh what the hell, go with it, okay? Gloria Estefan is talking!

No wedding would be complete without The Pointer Sister’s iconic “I’m So Excited” and it manages to be fun and ridiculous at the same time, with bonus points for “moms embarrassing their children” and an entire dance floor full of smiling people.

Shake it, ladies.


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