Glee S6 Ep8 “A Wedding”

Back at the Lima Bean, Kurt and Walter (Harry Hamlin) are getting empty cups to pretend they are drinking from. Walter has a suit guy and they can…uh oh. Sorry Walter, it’s the end of the line on the mid-game express. Kurt gently tells him that he’s going to the wedding with Blaine.

Kurt apologizes – he never expected this to happen – but Walter, much like his counter part Dave, has been well aware of the expiration date on this little dalliance. Young love – it gets bruised and then it gets back up again.

He gives Kurt a lovely speech about how lucky he is. Even if he gets hurt again, the only thing that’s important is going towards love. As Walter talks – about not waiting, about grabbing and jumping at the opportunity because it won’t be there forever – we see Kurt running down a street, with flashes of the sunlight through the trees.

Walter: “Whatever you do, don’t let go.”

Side bar: I’ll just direct you to the pre-proposal scene in episode 501, with Burt and Kurt driving and talking on their way to Dalton. You’ll see and hear some familiar elements to this moment.

Also? Thanks Walter! Much like Dave, we wish you the best. Find your own true love, okay?

And where is Kurt running to like he’s reenacting the end of When Harry Met Sally? To the surprise of no one, it’s the packing box-filled apartment of Mr. Blaine Anderson.

Blaine is surprised to see a slightly frantic and winded Kurt at his door – is he okay?

Kurt pushes his way in, breathlessly proclaiming that he loves Blaine, and while everything was messed up before it’s fine now, and would he go to the wedding with him?

Kurt: “Unless there’s someone else?”

Blaine: “There’s no one else.”

Then they kiss the ever-loving hell out of each other. (If it was raining, they would have had the complete Notebook kiss but this also worked!)

Side bar: Whew, finally. Even after the painful season opening break-up, it was really a given these two crazy kids would find their way back to one another. They had some things to work out – mostly, taking stock of themselves and getting some help on their individual issues. They each made a comfortable life for themselves apart, with nice guys to date and work that made them happy. They forgave each other, renewed their friendship and playful side with one another. But at no point did Kurt and Blaine stop loving each other.

Nice suits boys but I don't know. Maybe you want to try something that makes you stand out a bit more.

Nice suits boys but I don’t know. Maybe you want to try something that makes you stand out a bit more.

Back before the proposal, Burt counseled them both. Marrying a person not an idea. The work it took to be with someone – the reality of it. The fact that he would take arguments and struggles for just one more chance with his late wife…

That’s the one these boys needed to feel and figure out.

Blaine unhitches his tongue from Kurt’s long enough to visit McKinley with Puck and Artie – seems Tina needs “her boys” for some counseling. Seems like all this wedding stuff has gotten her thinking…she’s going to propose to Mike!

Puck is surprised, Artie thinks she’s crazy, and Blaine tells her it’s romantic. Shocking!

Mike is her best friend and she refuses to let him get snatched up by another girl. They’ve been talking a lot, reconnecting, and she feels like letting him go was the worst mistake of her life.

Blaine: “Take the moment and run with it!”

Puck, ever the romantic, comes around. Their guaranteed Asian children would be super smart. Blaine is obvs “Team Chang Chang.”

And Artie? It needs to be all three of them. Though harboring his concerns, Artie says if it’s what she really wants, of course he supports her.

Side bar: Tina Cohen-Chang, channeling her best boo Blaine Anderson, in this moment. Interesting counterpoint to the 501 story, and what’s coming up in the rest of the story…

In her office, Sue is polishing her trophies (not a euphemism), when Santana arrives, having been beckoned to her former coach’s side. Sue, it appears, is a little hurt at not being invited to the Brittana nuptials; isn’t a wedding the time to put aside differences?

Santana isn’t having it. Given her past actions, she thinks Sue is incapable of a selfless act and if she shows up, she will be forcibly removed by the security Santana has hired. Oh my.

Anyone think this isn’t over?

It’s the big day!

The barn – looking structurally sound – is decorated, Puck is shaking wedding gifts, the New New Directioners are carrying Artie’s wheelchair in, and Sam, Kitty, Mercedes, and Tina take selfies. What’s this? It’s Blaine’s Hot Mom (Gina Gershon)! She introduces herself to Carol (Romy Rosemont) and Mrs. Lopez, and they are soon joined by Whitney Pierce, who gave birth in a barn but still isn’t wearing the right footwear.

As we haven’t seen a Mr. Lopez or a Mr. Anderson, I’ll just start shipping the moms now.

Hey, it’s Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies)! She’s either returned from the future (Google it) or from Witness Protection and is currently taking a photograph of the handsomely white-suited groomsmen, Kurt and Blaine, who recreate the American Gothic pose, complete with farm implement.

Hey, it’s Burt (Mike O’Malley) and Carol! They chat with Blaine and Kurt, about their wedding and other cheerful things. The boys comment about their own called off nuptials – they were young and foolish!

Not so fast, says Papa Hummel, then he suddenly goes into the Gospel According to Burt Hummel, which we have learned means “shut up and listen.”

Is everyone ever ready? Was Burt ready to lose his first wife? That sentiment is why he and Carol believe that you should make every moment count. Wring every bit of life out of every day – Finn taught them that.

The boys listen thoughtfully then both seem to be percolating on something as Burt and Carol depart for the bar.

Side bar: So we again recap Burt’s advice to Kurt from 501. We touch back on Finn and the idea of life being short and unexpected – you can’t wait for the right time because who knows what the future holds.

The prettiest bridesmaids ever!

The prettiest bridesmaids ever!









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