Black Sails, S2 E5- XIII

Black Sails S2E5- "XIII"

This is a pretty big episode, guys. You ready for it?

Don’t you hate it when you’re having a glorious threesome and then the annoying sounds of cannons scare the crap out of you? That’s exactly what happens to our favorite trio, Max, Anne, and Jack. There they are enjoying themselves, Max and Jack in their little Anne-wich, when-BOOM! The cannons sound. Jack exits (naked I might add) to see exactly what it is. It’s Flint’s warship. The battle’s officially begun.

We hear the cannons’ sound and effect everywhere in Nassau. Mrs. Barlow gallops away on horseback heading to Flint, because only she knows the real reason why he’s doing this.

Silver hasn’t exactly told anyone that Billy Bones is back. In fact, he’s gone to such extreme lengths that he’s chained Billy up until he knows exactly what Billy’ll say to his fellow crew mates. He is pretty upset about Gates’ death and Flint’s captaincy, I’ll tell you that much.

Black Sails S2E5- "XIII"

“Don’t underestimate us lady pirates, Ship Guy.”

At the brothel, while everyone else is worried about the dust from the rafters getting in their drinks (thanks cannons!), Jack is more concerned about his banner idea. A prostitute named Charlotte shows him various sketches, but he’s not impressed. Sitting across from him is his future co-captain/crew member. Is he a co-captain? Let’s just call him the guy that has the ship. Jack explains to him that he wants to set sail the second after this stupid Vane/Flint war is over (that could take months, bro). Ship Guy is fine with that, he just has a few articles he’d like to discuss with him. Jack is all ears, Anne is interested too when she joins him. But of course, Ship Guy skedaddles when Anne gets in the picture. I yell while watching, “It’s cause she’s a girl, isn’t it?”

This next scene I wasn’t going to mention, but I think it captures so much in the little screen time it gets. There Mrs. Barlow is, trotting her way to the main island. She spots a woman holding a child and instantly stops. Miranda asks if the woman and child are injured and the woman never respond, just keeps on walking hastily with her child in her arms. It isn’t until the woman is aways off does Miranda see the child’s state. It’s been severely injured from the cannons, and I would bet that it was close to death if not already dead. This really shows how Flint’s cannons are not just affecting Vane, but everyone in Nassau. Save the day, Mrs. Barlow!

Speaking of Flint, he’s watching his men release cannon upon cannon. It isn’t until one of those many cannons hits the Fort does he allow them to cease fire. He announces that this battle now begins on land. Oh boy. Inside said Fort, Vane makes sure their prisoner, Abigail, is safe and away from harm. I admire Vane’s protectiveness of her. Vane explains to his men that it should only take a couple of hours before Flint and his crew are on land, after the Fort. Vane’s ready and waiting. If he has to cut off Flint’s head, so be it. (Um, that’s a little extreme, Vane. Cutting off someone’s head shouldn’t be your go-to.)

Black Sails S2E5- "XIII"

I never know when to trust you, Mr. Guthrie. I think everyone agrees.

Twenty minutes into this episode and we finally see my favorite character, Eleanor “gives zero fucks” Guthrie. Her and Mr. Guthrie are discussing the Vane/Flint ordeal and it’s lovely to see these two working as a team. Well, more correctly: it’s lovely to see Mr. Guthrie not being an ass to his daughter. Mr. Guthrie tells her that very important people have taken note of how she runs things around here. They might just offer her a partnership. Small catch: her relationships with the pirates have to cease. Easier said than done with that.

Once on land of Nassau, Flint is ready to take charge. However, his battle plans are ruined when the first person he sees is Miranda. She says that only she can save his life. She’s been devoted to him the second their former lives ended (more on that later). Of course, he’s hesitant to go. So instead he walks into the town of Nassau like he’s in some teen movie where the mean girls enter. (Walk walk fashion baby, work it move that thing crazy).

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