Reign, S2 E15- Forbidden

Reign S2E15- "Forbidden"

Mary’s actual ladies in waiting, Kenna and Lola, have their own struggles to face. Kenna has two men in her life annoying her. Bash isn’t in her life enough (what with him being the King’s Deputy and all.) and Antoine, Condé’s brother, is in her life too much. What’s a girl to do? Plan Antoine’s party that’s what. Kenna gives word of her party planning to her husband and he promises he’ll be there. They make a plan to meet in their room prior to heading over to Antoine’s (fun fact: it took me half of the episode to realize that the party was at Antoine’s and not at the French court). Unfortunately, Kenna’s party starts unbeknownst to her; she isn’t even dressed yet! (I’ve been there, girl! You take a nap before your fourth birthday party and the whole party starts without you!) Antoine begs her not to worry. He will supply her with jewels and dresses and will notify Bash of her whereabouts.

He succeeds on the first one as she makes her Cinderella-style ball entrance. Antoine doesn’t exactly tell Bash where his wife is, though. Bash has to ride over there to find her, and see her with Antoine no less. Bash gets mad, then Kenna gets mad. Everyone’s mad you guys! The following morning, Antoine makes his true intentions known. His wife is dying and he wants Kenna to be his queen. Say what? What do you think Kenna will choose? I have no idea at this point. Whatever makes Kenna happy is fine with me.

Reign S2E15- "Forbidden"

Pre-loopy Lola. She looks so innocent.

Lastly we have: Lola. Anna Popplewell gives us quite the performance in this episode. Early on, Francis explains to Lola that they have found an infant suitor for their son in case anything were to happen to Francis. The catch: they want to meet with Lola at Antoine’s ball. They do so, but it isn’t pretty. Courtesy of Marie’s wine (which is infused with her narcotics), Lola is off the rails loopy. She insults the suitor’s family, tells Francis he was a marvelous kisser, and even runs into Narcisse. Narcisse sees she is not of right mind and sends her to bed. While I don’t love you with Lola, you have my respect. Favorite line of the episode: “He didn’t even offer me a bath! He always offers me a bath.” She comes to her senses and apologizes the following day, don’t worry.

So there I was embracing all these lovely female oriented goodness and overall enjoying the episode. Then the ending happened. That would be Mary embracing her feelings for Condé and permanently making the move to Scotland with him to save her country at a closer distance. I could handle Condé and Mary having a budding friendship. Even Condé having feelings for Mary. What I don’t understand is how can Mary be so uncomfortable romantically and physically with Francis and be fine with Condé?! Yes, you could call me a ‘Frary’ shipper, but I find it negatively portraying people that have/are actually overcoming sexual assault. What are your opinions on this? The ending really tarnished the whole episode for me.

Reign doesn’t return for about three weeks, in which I can take a slight breather and not have to worry for what’s to come for the unneeded triangle that is Louis, Mary, and Francis.

2.16: “Tasting Revenge” airs March 12th at 9/8c and the trailer can be viewed below.

*Insert angry and sad emojis here*

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