‘Batman v Superman’ Director Teases Aquaman

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - Logo Hi-res

Last year it was announced that former Game of Thrones star Jason Mamoa, would portray Aquaman in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League films. Now director Zack Snyder has revealed a first look at Mamoa as Aquaman via his twitter and he looks awesome. Check it out.


Jason Mamoa’s appearance as Aquaman is very reminiscent of the character’s appearance in comics during the mid 90s, complete with armor, long hair, and a beard. Like many of the early images Zack Snyder has given us in recent months, this new image is also lacking in color.

Imposed over the image of Aquaman is the phrase “UNITE THE SEVEN”. This may be referring to seven core members of the Justice League. As of right now Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg are set to make an appearance in Dawn of Justice, but Warner Bros. has also announced solo films for The Flash, Green Lantern, and Shazam. So, if the seven is referring to the Justice League, one hero may not be in the initial line-up.

Now, sound off. What do you think of this first look at Jason Mamoa as Aquaman? Are you excited to see this interpretation of the character make his way onto the big screen? Let us know in the comments.