Marvel’s Agent Carter, S1 Ep07 – Snafu

By the end of last week’s episode, “A Sin To Err”, Agent Carter had been discovered and caught by her fellow agents at the S.S.R. With Dottie still out there intent on killing Peggy, and there being an evil Russian scientist with the ability to control people’s minds implanted in the S.S.R., the one place Peggy shouldn’t be is handcuffed in an interrogation room.

Marvel’s Agent Carter, S1 Ep07 – Snafu (4)

Jarvis shows up with a plan to save Peggy

“Snafu” opens up, interestingly enough, with a flashback scene of Dr. Ivenchenko during his time in the war. He is seen using his abilities to take a Russian soldier’s mind elsewhere, allowing the soldier to ignore the fact/not feel that his leg is being amputated. The scene gives us an idea of how Ivenchenko is able to control minds and make people obey his commands, and just how skilled he really is. This ability is elaborated on later in the episode as Director Dooley becomes affected by Ivenchenko’s mind control.

Fortunately for Peggy, she never has one of these encounters with Ivenchenko, but unfortunately for Peggy, she has been handcuffed and forced into interrogations by her S.S.R. cohorts. As Director Dooley and Agents Thompson and Sousa interrogate Peggy, they each display a mix of confusion and disgust for what Peggy has done. Peggy tries her best to avoid telling them everything she knows, attempting to draw their attention to the immediate problem at hand: Dottie. Jarvis eventually shows up with what he says is a signed confession from Howard Stark to aid in releasing Peggy from the S.S.R.’s clutches, but his plan backfires as they need Howard Stark there before they can release Peggy. His plan was all for naught anyway, as the signed documents were forged by Jarvis himself. Nice try, Jarvis.

With no other tricks up her sleeve Peggy does the only thing she can, which is tell the S.S.R. everything. I was glad to see Peggy finally tell them the truth. While her lies and deceit were necessary before, we have since come to realize that even though these men (with the exception of Sousa) can be pretty sexist in their line of work, they still have their country’s safety at heart. From this point on that confusion and disgust eventually transforms into trust and respect.

Due to a conveniently positioned window blind, Peggy is able to spot Ivenchenko delivering his Morse code message to Dottie across the street, and she informs Dooley and the rest of her observation. Dooley then tells Ivenchenko to close the window, trying his best not to let Ivenchenko realize he knows the truth, but Ivencheko does realize he’s been outed. Ivenchenko then uses his abilities on Dooley, causing Dooley to lock both Peggy and Jarvis in another interrogation room, handcuffing them to a table. This leads to a humorous scene as Peggy and Jarvis use the table to break the two-way mirror in the room and not realizing til afterwards that they still have the problem of being handcuffed to a table to overcome.

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Ivenchenko’s got a hold on Dooley

Ivenchenko is able to control Dooley’s mind using the memories of his wife and family. With Dooley’s mind under his control, Ivenchenko is able to leave with a Stark weapon referred to as Item 17, and Dooley straps himself with an explosive vest. This leads to a one of the saddest and most tragic moments in the series so far. The episode builds up Dooley’s back-story, giving us a feel for his current predicament with his estranged wife and family and how he desperately seeks to be reunited with them. Unfortunately, he is strapped with an explosive vest that can go off at any moment. Realizing there’s nothing the S.S.R. scientists can do to take it off, Dooley sacrifices himself to save the lives at the S.S.R by jumping out a window, allowing the vest to explode outside. Being that “Snafu” does a good job at humanizing Dooley and finally giving us a reason to sympathize with him a bit, it’s sad to see him go.

The episode concludes with Dottie and Ivenchenko getting away with Item 17 and bringing it to a movie theater. It’s here we find out the item is a chemical weapon that makes people go crazy and kill each other. With a weapon of that magnitude there’s no telling what the villains in this series intend on doing with it, or why Stark created it in the first place. As we learn more about Stark, we are given reasons not to trust him. At times he creates inventions that can better mankind, but at other times he creates explosive vests. Even though that vest wasn’t intended for that purpose, it seems even Jarvis is beginning to question his loyalty to Stark.

Overall, “Snafu” was a great episode and one of the best of the series so far. There wasn’t much action, which is fine for a show of this caliber, but we did get to see some brief moments of Dottie taking down Sousa and jumping down numerous flights of stairs. The villains in Agent Carter have proved to be very formidable. How much can Peggy and the S.S.R. do against a man who can control your mind and a woman who is an evil version of Black Widow, who now hold one of Stark’s most dangerous weapons? The best thing they can do is get the drop on them before they do, which will hopefully be the case in next week’s episode.

Only one episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter remains. Check out the promo for “Valediction” below and feel free to let us know your thoughts on “Snafu” in the comments. Would you like to see Agent Carter get another season?