Glee S6 Ep7 “Transitioning”

Blaine slo-mo runs down the hallway at McKinley. He goes into the choir room to find Kurt…and Walter. And Rachel and Sam, because it’s double date night at Breadstix!

Walter: “Ah of course, THE Blaine.”

Also nice bow tie is a really nice slap because it’s the bow tie he wore to the proposal. Okay then!

Blaine pretends to need Rachel then pretends to forget what he needed to tell her. The group leaves, as he watches Kurt go. They share a moment as Kurt stops and looks back but neither says a word.


In the McKinley auditorium, Will leads VA towards the stage. They’re going to dump KY jelly all over the stage and watch those fools trip! Except this doesn’t happen as the flood lights go on and Unique enters singing “I Know Where I’ve Been” from Hairspray.

Spencer and Sam bring Sheldon in, as this is clearly not a lesson being taught to VA – this is something for the coach as well. He joins Unique on stage as the curtain raises and we meet an incredible back up choir, composed of trans people of all ages, shapes and sizes. They pull Sheldon into their midst – their community – as they passionately sing the words to this incredibly moving song.


To the shock of no one, Clint is pissed off that this little moment has cost them two hours of rehearsal. And he’s totally telling the boosters on Will! He calls them robots, intolerant troublemakers, and then oh right, he quits.

Sheldon worries about Will quitting but Will doesn’t care. This week? Working with Unique to build the trans choir, three hundred strong, to make Sheldon feel welcome? That was more important than anything.


Suddenly an alarm sounds. It’s Sue on the loudspeaker. VA has six minutes to vacate the premises before she releases the hounds. Also? She slashed their bus tires so they’ll have to walk and perhaps will take this opportunity to ruminate on how awful they really are.

Guys, when Sue thinks you’re scum, look at your life choices, okay?

They flee as the dogs begin barking…

The next day, Will arrives at the choir room. What will he do next? Seems that Carmel’s pay has given them a cushion; he has a few months to figure out what he wants to do. Gosh, if only there was a job opening – in a few months – at a vastly improved high school that needed a Glee coach after their temporary coaches go back to NYC!

In the meantime, Kurt and Rachel would like his assistance with the Glee Club as a nonpaid special consultant. Of course! Will would love to – on two conditions. First, they make all the major decisions. Second, they have to call him Will.

Yes! says Rachel. Kurt isn’t so sure…

Will: “You two are just passing through here again but I’m starting to realize this is where I belong.”

So what’s the next lesson? Kurt wants more Britney but Will thinks they should focus on the kids’ personal problems – which they don’t know what they are because they don’t spend any time with them…

Insert self-aware laugh here.

Whew! We are getting set up for the final leg of the journey! Our big bad is Satan’s Songsters, VA. Will is back where he belongs, helping New Directions. Rachel is almost ready to go back into the world – and conquer Broadway again. McKinley is full of caring teachers and coaches. Blaine is single and has realized he still loves Kurt.

Okay Glee, what’s your next move? I am ready and excited to see the next piece of the puzzle fall into place.

Welcome back, Will, back where you belong!

Welcome back, Will, back where you belong!

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Rachel’s haunting, her face when Blaine mentions the Lima Mental Health Clinic, Kurt’s unbelievably terrible acting when he rigs the duet wheel and also when he’s talking to Blaine in the hallway. Hilarious.

What made me sniffle: “Time After Time” was so emotionally powerful. It was like a little fanvid for the final season of Glee. The Trans Choir also felt like a glorious reminder of what Glee does when it’s very, very on point. Also the Dave/Blaine break-up. Some amazing acting from so many people in this episode.

What made me side-eye: Has no one checked Clint for steroid abuse? I’m just asking for a friend.

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Somebody Loves You” – I cannot lie, my Kryptonite is goofy Klaine duets. Also “Time After Time” is lovely.

What I’m looking forward to next week: It’s time for a wedding!!

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