Glee S6 Ep7 “Transitioning”

Down in the basement, the party rages on despite the person they are trying to help not being there. Ha. Artie introduces everyone’s favorite gays, Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel!

What’s this? A dorky, upbeat flirty number between platonic friends? Of course! Betty Who’s perky “Somebody Loves You” seems almost too obvious but these guys, what are you going to do?

To recap, they fell in love and sang a break up song then after they broke up, sing songs about being crazy in love. Twice. Never change, boys. Never change.

The dancing intensifies as a box of costumes emerges. Suddenly there are pharaohs (Artie) and ballerina Cowboys (Spencer), Kurt wears a space helmet, and he and Blaine dance around in boas that match their engagement suits. Ow, I just got smacked by some foreshadowing.

Great number, the dancing of the party guests is worth a rewatch if only to see the twins dancing in their own magical world. Madison the unicorn, btw, is an inspired choice.

Afterwards, Kurt walks Blaine out to the sidewalk. Seems he has to leave early because he and Dave are getting up early for a football game in Bowling Green. They reminisce about their first duet – “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – and how Kurt really wanted to turn off the boom box, declare his undying love, and plant one on Blaine’s face. But alas, Blaine didn’t feel the same way at that point and golly, whatever happened to Jonathan, Jebidiah…Jeremiah! Kurt continues talking but Blaine has checked out of the convo a bit. He suddenly leans in and plants one on Kurt’s face! Oh my goodness! Then he freaks out and hurries away, leaving Kurt once again watching him go, eyes wide.

Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” plays after the last moment, and we segue into Rachel and Sam singing in the basement. It’s the perfect song for this moment, as we move from the duet to Rachel’s bedroom, as her friends assist her in taking down her wall of dreams, neatly putting each memory in a scrapbook page.

Each picture is animated, a living memory tucked into the pages. The room empties, box by box, until Rachel is alone at the door. She turns out the light and steps into adulthood fully.

Side bar: What a beautiful sequence! Sharp eyed fans will see the last two things left on the board at one point are the pig Finn gave her for Christmas (because what else do you give a Jewish vegan?), and a picture of Rachel from season one, singing into a microphone. Young Rachel has grown up, endured great highs and lows, and as she steps into the next bigger wall of her life, she’s taking everything important with her. There are many transitions in this episode, but this one was especially touching.

Back at McKinley, Sheldon is in the locker room and comes across a surprise visitor: Unique! Who wants to know why she had to find out her trans gossip from Will Schuester. Good point.

Sheldon and Unique settle down for a chat. Seems like Sheldon is most pleased with how he feels on the inside – he “matches” now, he feels complete. But he’s also tired of being seen as special when he’d rather be one of the guys. Right now, though, people either fawn over him or hate him – and there’s no one here who understands exactly what Sheldon Beiste is going through.

Unique – perhaps thinking about her own future plans – asks if it hurt. Oh hell yeah it did! But it was worth it. Sheldon is at peace, even if he wishes he wasn’t doing this all alone.

Unique: “You’re not alone.”

Meanwhile, back in Satan’s Barber Shop, Will addresses VA. And Clint! Because Clint is back. That’s cool, says Will. No prob! He’s was going to quit but now, instead, he’s going to teach VA about how to get under the skin of New Directions! Yay psychological torture!

Is that Sue in a Will costume or is he just…that…clever?

Will has the prank of all pranks to offer – while Clint attempts to have an emotion.

Don't fight the Klaine, dude.

Don’t fight the Klaine, dude.

Hey, it’s Dave and Blaine’s apartment! There’s been some redecorating (less rainbows, no bear cub) but it’s a homey little place. They bring in groceries as Dave bitches about somebody named Craig from his football team – until he notices that Blaine is checked out of the conversation.

Insightful, Dave sees something has been bothering Blaine for days. Did something happen at Rachel’s party? Blaine confesses to singing a duet with Kurt, which makes Dave laugh. They sing all the time? Why would that be a problem?

Oh hey, does that mean Blaine’s thing about Dave in the hallway was made up? I’m shocked. And also stunned.

Back to the scene, where Dave focuses on Blaine’s expression and has one, gentle, emotion-filled question.

Dave: “Did you kiss him or did he kiss you?”

When Blaine can’t answer, Dave is resigned. He knew it, as soon as Kurt came to town, that the countdown began. And he’s lucky, because he at least got a few months in with Blaine before the end.

Dave: “You still love him, you never stopped.”

Time’s up.

Blaine apologizes but Dave insists there are no hard feelings. Actually, that clumsy dumbass Craig from football tried to give him his number…

Dave: “There’s a whole world of guys out there, waiting to be my rebound. Go.”

He sends Blaine off to tell Kurt about his feelings, with his blessing. And then he drops on request – don’t sing it, just say it.

They embrace and Blaine gives him a tender kiss to the cheek. Then he’s out the door, seemingly overwhelmed by the sudden transition in his life.

Side bar: Where to begin? This was a gorgeous, bittersweet scene, which Max Adler and Darren Criss acted the bejesus out of. They clearly care about each other and maybe in another life, it could have led to a happily ever after, but Dave was always aware of the ticking clock, when Blaine would end up back with Kurt. And in this moment of “loss” he is entirely focused on making it as easy as possible for Blaine (tender-hearted to a fault) to walk out the door.

Talk about a character arc coming full circle.

I couldn’t help but remember that first meeting between angry closeted Dave and dapper Blaine back in season 2. Dave is threatened by the very out Blaine, menacing when challenged.

“He’s not coming out any time soon.”

And now, after a few harrowing years of change and growth, Dave is very much out and content with himself. Emotionally centered in a trying and difficult moment. He’s transitioned fully from that brute we first met, who didn’t know himself let alone how to fully connect with other people. What a lovely ending to his arc.

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