Glee S6 Ep7 “Transitioning”

On to the choir room! Rachel is teaching her lesson of the day – “Buckeye Bullseye” – featuring performers from the great state of Ohio! Before she can properly ramp up to the level of excitement reserved for Marilyn Manson, Kurt takes over.

Kurt: “Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you just got to embrace it.”

This week’s lesson is actually: Transitioning! Changing and charging forward. Clearly she’s having trouble moving from childhood to adulthood, as evidenced by her haunting her childhood home like a Scooby-Doo villain. But fear not! Armed with information from the nice lady at the Lima Mental Health Clinic and – I’m guessing here – songs, the New New Directioners, the Old New Directioners, and Kitty are going to help her out! By throwing a giant going away party for Rachel’s house in Rachel’s basement!

Madison: “So wait, this lesson isn’t for us?”

Time for the Wheel of Musical Fortune!

A brightly colored wheel with everyone’s name on  – you spin and whomever you land on, you have to sing a duet with! (All except for Sam who wants to sing with Rachel, okay?)

Mercedes gets Roderick. (Which one is that? Oh him – he’s great! This is great!)

Kurt, you are not subtle. Not even a tiny bit.

Kurt, you are not subtle. Not even a tiny bit.

Kurt’s up next, all bouncing and wearing a moth broach the size of a moth that might be able to carry someone off. He spins, watching the wheel intently as Artie’s name comes into view – then he surreptitiously clicks it one more. Oh golly! He landed on Blaine! What are the odds?

Blaine leaves the choir room, bemused and head-ducking, which means he wasn’t oblivious to Kurt’s little cheat. Kurt catches up to him and pretends it wasn’t on purpose and Blaine lets him and hey, they’re going to sing a duet.

Then begins one of the most amusing moments of the episode.

Blaine asks Kurt not to mention their duet to Dave because Dave is worried there might be something still between them.

Of course not! says Kurt, making a weird face.

Of course not! says Blaine, trying to read Kurt’s mind.



Well okay then!

Blaine surprises Kurt with a hug then runs off, leaving Kurt’s face even more confused, eyes even wider.

Side bar: Bless their chemistry and timing. These two have been failing at being platonic since season 2, and seem to be extra special clueless this time around.

Spencer and Sam approach Sheldon in the teacher’s lounge (and what is with all the S alliteration!) – they’re going to kill Vocal Adrenalin! Sheldon sits the boys down – no one is killing anyone. He’s used to getting crap from people, that’s not a surprise. What he is glad to hear is that Spencer now considers himself one of “them” and Sam, well, Sam is the great uniter. The coach in super proud of both of them. Now get back to practice!

Meanwhile, back in Satan’s waiting room, Will once again yells at Vocal Adrenalin. He wants them to see their humanity is more important than winning! Which, would be the problem in a nutshell. Clint tells him that he has a loser mentality – but Clint? Clint doesn’t give a crap about being human, just about being a winner. They don’t care if they’re the bad guys, so long as they’re on top.

Thank you for summing up VA, Clint. May the Show Choir gods have mercy on your lack of a soul.

Clint tells Will they hate him and his vests and whatever. So Will kicks him off the team and out of the auditorium, then turns his back on the rest of VA, telling them to warm up. Which proves he’s got ice water in his veins because I would be afraid of a rear flank attack.

Will, you have some big boy decisions to make. Do you really want to be Satan's Music Supervisor?

Will, you have some big boy decisions to make. Do you really want to be Satan’s Music Supervisor?

Later that night, at the Wemma homestead, Will has his tools out, attempting to fix the space age stroller that has broken within a week. Who would have thought something so expensive and fancy would fall apart!? /metaphor

He’s using his angry man voice on Emma, who is wearing a nightgown straight out of a Ginger Rogers movie. Seems he hates his job – no kidding – and he knows that the boosters will come after him for kicking Clint off the team. Emma tells him she doesn’t give a darn about all their fancy stuff – but apparently Will does. He loves the perks and fancy car, and feeling manly to be bringing in so much, even if it means working at a place that stands for everything he hates.

Ever practical Emma assures him they’ll be okay; her pamphlet of the month club is bringing in extra money and he’ll find another job. Will thinks that having principles is something you sacrifice when you have a kid, but Emma thinks that’s exactly the time not to. She advises him to make his peace with whatever decision he makes.

Down in Rachel’s basement, the Final Farewell To Rachel’s Home party has begun! Blaine and Sam are behind the bar; they have the liquor behind some police tape but are slipping something extra into the over 21’s. Who is apparently Kurt. (I’m just saying, that’s an interesting factoid there.)

Up on stage, Artie introduces Duet Number One: Roderick and Mercedes! One wonders if this storyline was just a chance to get Amber Riley and Noah Guthrie to sing “All About That Base” by Meghan Trainor – in which case, bravo, excellent life choices show.

As the gang dances around, Rachel takes Sam by the hand and leads him upstairs…

…to her childhood bedroom.

Almost everything is boxed up except for her wall of memories – all her best moments from high school, her dreams, the people she loves. She hasn’t touched that. Once upon a time, she sat alone in this room and dreamed. Then she met all of them and her walls started filling up with real people, people she cared about.

Dismantling the wall and taking the memories with you - we are Sam.

Dismantling the wall and taking the memories with you – we are Sam.

Sam: “You’re gonna need a bigger wall.”
Rachel: “Star Wars?”


Sam, because Sam is the nicest person in Lima, gives her a lovely speech about the wall going with her back to New York, to fill up with more dreams. And hopefully? He’ll always have a place on it, wearing tiny gold shorts… They kiss gently and then totally go for it, falling back on the bed.

Well then!

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